Why Is My Keyboard Not Working On My Laptop

What is the reason my keyboard isn’t functioning on the Laptop? It’s not working correctly; let’s talk about it in depth. A laptop keyboard may present the best performance at times.

The keyboard is among the primary components, and the moment it stops functioning, it means that you can’t utilize it for work. Mainly if your job requires a large amount of typing, don’t worry about it; this is normal.

Are you only using an unresponsive trackpad or a keyboard? is also unresponsive. If it’s the only keyboard, I’ll suggest you fix it and get it back to normal.

Several causes may stop your Laptop from functioning. Let’s take a look. Why Is My Keyboard Not working on my Laptop? Try the following method to bring your keyboard back to its original state.

Restart your Laptop:

Restarting Laptop

It’s the most basic one. The windows often do not load correctly and cause hardware or software malfunction as it is supposed to. So what you need to do is shut the laptop off for a few minutes and then switch it back on. It should function normally, but if you find it hasn’t done the job you wanted, I suggest you repeat the procedure.

If the keyboard appeared to be as if it was dead due to windows not loading correctly after restarting, it should be working perfectly.

The keys are all non-responsive:

Check whether all the keys are not responding on the laptop keyboard. Check for broken keys; perhaps there’s a broken button on the keyboard.

If you discover one or more than you have a broken key, don’t waste time returning it because, most likely, it has been ripped on its hinges. I would suggest taking it to the repair shop. They will be able to resolve the issue in less time than you’d like.

Loose Connector from inside the Laptop

The Laptop’s keyboard connector may have been loosened. If we’re not attentive enough, our laptop computer can fall out of our hands. Therefore, it is possible that the Laptop that was in the fall may have caused it to move or caused the connector inside to loosen. To repair this, you must open the Laptop and then connect it. It is recommended to bring it to a repair shop.

Remove the Connector from laptop

Cleaning Might Work the Charm:

Yes, you can clean it from all angles. Use a dry, clean brush and remove the dust accumulation beneath the keyboard. If you feel that the brush isn’t enough to remove the dust from the keyboard, you can use your cleaning kits.

Suppose you’re a steady hand and the endurance for a complex task. You can easily remove the frame of your keyboard to allow you to do a thorough cleaning.

I suggest you not remove the keys since you may easily break the hinges and can cause more problems than fixing it. After cleaning, see whether it is working. If not, try the alternative method to get it working once more.

Try Troubleshooting :

The Laptop can use an instrument to troubleshoot your device. It will pinpoint the problem and offer a solution while waiting to be finished examined.

If the troubleshooter can identify the problem, it can resolve it on its own or identify the root of the issue for you. After that, you can work through it and develop the most effective solution.

Reach in the BIOS Menu:

It can be difficult; however, it’s worth trying, so I’ll try to clarify it for you. You need to turn off your Laptop, then turn it back on. Press on the Esc or the Del (whichever you prefer to use for you)to start the menu for BIOS.

Suppose your keyboard responds to your request and opens the BIOS menu. You will be able to determine if your keyboard is experiencing a software problem or hardware problem, whichever your Laptop tells you, now you’re aware of what to do. If it’s hardware, you need to be able to repair it. If the keyboard is experiencing an issue with software, it is possible to upgrade or reinstall the software.

Reinstall the Software:

program feature reinstall software

To do this, use the onscreen keyboard or make use of an external keyboard. There are only a few simple steps involved in these strategies that you can quickly complete.

  • Right-click your “My PC” icon on the screen of your Laptop. 
  • Select the appropriate properties from the menu dropdown.  
  • When a new window opens, Find the Device Manager. or  

Select the Device Manager option from WinX’s Menu.

  • Under ‘Keyboards’, you’ll find the keyboard of your Laptop.  
  • Right-click it and choose  Uninstall. If it lists multiple keyboard programs, remove all of them.  

Restart your Laptop and see whether the driver is installed automatically. If not, start Devices Manager, right-click on Keyboards and select Scan for changes to the hardware to fix the issue. I hope this can help your keyboard to function as expected.

Keyboard Settings:

Sometimes, the software may alter the settings to allow another program to function. However, you may have altered the environment accidentally or deliberately. If that’s the case, go to the settings and then change the keyboard settings back to the default setting. The keyboard should function right now.

Disable the Filter Keys:

You might not have been aware of this setting detail; however, it’s an option that Windows provide. If you feel that your keys aren’t relatively quick enough to type, the windows may have activated the filter keys settings.

All you need to do is visit the settings and select Easy of Access. Choose the keyboard from the left menu; you’ll see the Filter Key option, which must be disabled. Filter Keys will stop repeated keystrokes. Thus, disabling it could help you solve the issue.

Reboot the Laptop:

If everything else doesn’t work, why not provide your Laptop with the chance to boot clean. It will wipe out any unwanted software or alterations to the settings created without your consent. It will also allow your computer into a state of cleanliness. If it can do the job for you, it could be a different software that has been causing issues with your keyboard settings. Back up all your essential information and files before performing the clean boot.

I hope that I’ve given you all the information necessary to help you fix the issue with the Laptop’s keyboard with this guide. Good luck!

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