What Channel is the Bruins Game on Today? Boston Bruins NHL Playoff Schedule

What Channel is the Bruins Game on Today

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for the NHL Playoffs to start. Everyone wants to know what channel is the Bruins game on today? Boston kicked off the 2024 NHL Playoffs against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday, April 20st, 2024. The second game is on April 22nd and will be on ESPN. We’ll go over the specific game times, TV assignments, and Bruins Playoff schedule for you below. 

What Channel is the Bruins Game on Today? 

The second game of the 2024 NHL Playoff series against the Maple Leafs is on ESPN. Depending on where you live, other channels carrying the game are: SN, CBC, and TVAS.

When is the next Boston Bruins game? Sunday, April 22
Who is the Opposing Team? Toronto Maple Leafs
Where are the Bruins playing? TD Garden
What time does the Bruins game start? 7:00 PM ET
What channel is the Bruins game on? ESPN
Boston Bruins TV Schedule

What Time is the Bruins Game?

So, when you want to know what time is the Bruins game, you have to check and see where the game is being played. Since Boston and Toronto are on different time zones, you can see some variations in the start times. Game 2 is set for starting at 7PM Eastern Time tonight.

Where Do the Bruins Play Their Home Games?

If you are new to following the Bruins, they play their home games at TD Garden in Boston City. If you are attending the games in-person, you will have to check and see on the day what time the gate opens. They will normally be open no later than one hour before tip-off from my experience. The Boston Celtics are also in the NBA Playoffs, but the game days are normally deconflicted when both teams are in the postseason.  

2024 Boston Bruins Schedule – NHL Playoffs

Here is the 2024 Boston Bruins schedule for the NHL Playoffs. If Boston is able to make it past the Toronto Maple Leafs in the First Round, we’ll come back and update you with the Bruins game times, matchups, and Bruins TV schedule.The second and third games of the series with Toronto will be shown on ESPN. TBS broadcasts the fourth game. After that, we’ll have to wait and see what network is assigned for games #5 through #7 if required (it is a best of seven series, so first team to win four games moves on single elimination style). 

Date Opponent Time (PT) TV Info
April 20 Maple Leafs 8 PM TBS
April 22 Maple Leafs 7:00 PM ESPN, SN, CBC, TVAS
April 24 Maple Leafs 7:00 PM ESPN, SN, TVAS, CBC
April 27 Maple Leafs 8 PM TBS, truTV, MAX, SN, TVAS, CBC
April 30 Maple Leafs TBD if necessary TBD if necessary
May 2 Maple Leafs TBD if necessary TBD if necessary
May 4 Maple Leafs TBD if necessary TBD if necessary
2024 Boston Bruins NHL Playoff Schedule

What was the Bruins Record This Year? 

The Boston Bruins record for the 2023-24 NHL regular season was 47-20-15 and they earned 109 points. We’ll see how deep of a run they can make in the 2024 NHL Playoffs.

2024 NHL Playoff Schedule

We now have the 16 teams set for the first round of the NHL Playoffs and seen our first few games in the opening round of the playoffs so far. We have the updated NHL playoff picture up here if you want to check out the schedules for the other teams too. You can also get the NHL Playoff bracket for 2024 here to follow the game action too. 

Boston Bruins 2024 Playoffs Game 1 Highlights

Here is the Boston Bruins highlights from game 1 of the Playoffs against the Maple Leafs. 

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