What Can Happen to Your Body If You Wear High Heels Every Day

Wearing high heels makes you look taller and feel more beautiful. according to experts. But you must not forget that your health is more important than anything, and a few inches of height through the heels can cause serious health problems in the long run.

We care about your health, and that’s why we want to warn you about the consequences of wearing heels too often or for long periods. We have prepared a special exercise for you in the bonus section.

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You may have back pain

Have you ever felt leaning forward after wearing high heels all day? This is because you feel the need to relieve pressure on your back. His back is shaped like a C-shaped curve in a normal position.

When you wear high heels, the shape of your spine changes and can wear down over time. cartilage in your discsjoints and ligaments.

Can put extra pressure on your feet

Due to excessive knee twisting (rotational force) and compression, knees are more likely to break when wearing high heels.

“Wear and wear arthritis”, known as osteoarthritis of the knee, occurs much more often in women than in men, and wearing high heels is one of the main reasons for this.

Your ankles can suffer

The calf muscles can suffer from excessive height, making it more difficult for the ankles to move the foot forward when walking.

Also, because the ankle is not in its normal position, the Achilles tendon can contract. Over time, he may experience an inflammatory condition known as insertional Achilles tendonitis.

Your pinky toenail may become thin and brittle

You can also have aesthetic problems, not only related to health. Being “crushed” inside those shoes, your toenails won’t be very happy, especially the pinky nail.

Over time, it can become thin and brittle or thick and difficult to cut. That’s why some women even choose to undergo medical procedures to keep wearing their high heels.

You can develop hammertoe

Due to an imbalance in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, you can develop something called hammertoe, which is a deformity of the foot.

Hammertoe is caused by the toes not staying in their natural shape because they are “squeezed” inside the front of the shoe.

You may have to deal with varicose veins

When you stand on high heels, blood doesn’t pump through your veins as it should because of the contraction of your calf muscle.

Therefore, you can develop varicose veins over time. If you already have visible signs of them, a pair of athletic shoes is recommended.

You are not as flexible as normal

Your posture must suffer due to all the things listed above, so you may not be able to be as flexible and mobile as you normally would.

Increased tension in your muscles can disrupt your daily activities, such as going up and down stairs, running, or jogging. Therefore, it is recommended to massage the feet from time to time.

Do you prefer high heels or sneakers? If you like fancy shoes, how long do you usually wear them?

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