UAE launches an organization in the Metaverse

If you are able to purchase some land and organize gatherings in Metaverse, then you can also construct offices and, why not, a government. It’s only a matter of time from the idea of “building it”; for the UAE it’s already becoming a reality.

The Metaverse virus has infected every aspect of human knowledge and there is no object that can’t be moved into the world of the Metaverse, as it is spread more creative and imaginative in this case practical ideas are emerging everywhere.

The UAE continues to expand deeper into the Metaverse this time, with a ministry

As we approach the apex of the social media market, the desire to develop something more real than blogs in which people can communicate views or share interests is almost a necessity and the minds of the best programmers across the globe are attempting to build a variety of possibilities for a virtual reality that is accessible in various ways.

With viewers, for example, google’s Oculus (already at the second stage of its development) However, there are many other platforms that make it feasible to live in augmented realities or be transported into a world that is completely virtual.

The UAE continues to expand deeper into the Metaverse this time, with a ministry

While the two worlds are able to exist (augmented real-world and virtual reality) However, there are some significant distinctions once the visor is removed.

In the context of Augmented Reality, users may experience a mix of reality and augmented reality. for instance, if we walk through the heart of a city, where it is normal to locate a shop rather than an office that is an empty or vacant office, we might discover a virtual store in the Metaverse which allows you to purchase physical goods that couriers will deliver to the address you want.

However, in the traditional Metaverse is concerned, a complete world of parallels is at our fingertips and one is able to do anything, attend an event, be part of an auction, go out shopping or even have a meeting.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been thinking about going all-out. While the majority in the globe are seeking out ways to get the most value from the new world, the UAE has built its virtual capital of the economy ministry in the metaverse.

After acquiring several plots of land in the Metaverse After that, the UAE began to build the country’s private Ministry of Economy.

The goal was to be able to empathize with the community and offer more services to the community. For instance, in the future, it will suffice to go to the location above in order to get a signature on any paper, without travelling miles, thereby cutting down on bureaucratic timeframes.

The Minister for Economy Abdulla bin Touq al-Marri in his address to the Dubai Metaverse Assembly explained that the ministry operates two branches in the UAE One located in Abu Dhabi and the other in Dubai which is the one that has been added to the Metaverse.

The Metaverse Potential

The 20,000 people who attended Dubai Metaverse Assembly participated in an interactive excursion through the virtual offices of Dubai’s Ministry of Economy and noted that anyone around the globe could have the chance to visit.

The Metaverse Potential

At the front of the line for visitors to the concierge’s office is Khalifa Al Jaziri. He is an avatar employed by the ministry, armed with a unique intelligence due to A.I.; Jaziri explains:

“So, anyone in the world who has a transaction with the ministry no longer has to come to the UAE to sign an agreement.”

The headquarters will be multiple buildings with each one dedicated to different objectives.

Visitors can purchase a ticket to enter the Metaverse. Tickets must be bought by a “customer happiness centre employee” who will let them be part of the Metaverse and interact with visitors.

It will comprise an auditorium, which will be used for virtual conferences and other events and different meeting rooms that allow participants to connect to a screen.

According to the 18th of July declaration of intention that was released on July 18, the Dubai government plans to create the equivalent of 40,000 virtual jobs in 2030. It also supports the vision of the state to quadruple the number of blockchain-related companies from the present number.

The blind leap into the Metaverse identifies an example for the UAE as the latest standard to be set in terms of modernity, job and service to citizens in the hopes that it can set an example for others and encourage other states to follow in its footsteps.

The concept isn’t new, and if we are talking about imitation, the truth is that this is a first for the UAE. UAE is the first nation to establish the official headquarters of a ministry on the Internet This idea was born out of a popular and noble will in Bulgaria.


The Sustainable Development Ministry of the country is guilty of laying in its hands for too long regarding climate-related issues being bailed out of the intention of Wunderman Thompson Sofia and the MOVE.BG Foundation. The foundation has unveiled the initial ministry based on Spatial. IO. Spatial.IO program.

Its “Climate Transition Ministry,” the title that is given to the virtual department, seeks to engage with the government in order that it can work on climate change while also working with the other departments on sustainable development and climate.

It is believed that the Middle East and Eastern Europe are at the top of the list on the question of securing a position on the Metaverse. However, while other countries investigate the issue and try to determine ways to make the most of this opportunity These countries are making concrete steps towards the future.

Ivan Totev and Dimitar S. Stefanov, the creative directors at Wunderman Thompson Sofia, explained on the Lbbonline blog that:

“When we were planning the campaign we discovered that every ministry that is located in Bulgaria has one thing in common the physical space or building that has an address. In order to show the necessity to establish this ministry we established the first ministry without an address and by doing so we also created one of the very first ministries in the Metaverse in order to start conversations and hopefully help make the ministry a reality in Bulgaria .”>

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