The Power of Change: How to Transform Your Life

I’ve been seeing a HUGE desire to return to our own frequency –what do I mean? Be ourselves, let go of old identities and jobs or careers that don’t fit.  Many are moving on from careers they’ve been in for a long time.  They plan to continue working but they want jobs that align with who they are.  Others are getting wake-up calls such as health issues that highlight the urgency to return to their frequencies.

My guest is a great example – Christina Langdon, High Performance Success Coach and author of For Success Sake!  Christina made a career shift after a cancer diagnosis.  Listen in for her unique and inspiring career change story as well as her amazing success advice!

You’ll also hear a NEW career tip from my book, Are You Ready to Love Your Job?  This month learn how to change what you don’t like about your job into what you DO like.

When you live from your own frequency, you start to make decisions that create more fun and light in your life and your work. You put yourself in place to create opportunity.  You live – WITHOUT STRUGGLE.  Listen in now and learn how to transform your life and make a great living from your unique frequency!

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