SpaceX Starship – Elon Musk’s “most powerful rocket” explodes in midair

Around four minutes after takeoff, the rocket started to spiral out of control and was then destroyed by internal explosions. A starship from Elon Musk’s SpaceX exploded on its first flight.

No one was injured in the unmanned flight experiment which took off on the east coast of Texas, Thursday morning.

SpaceX Starship has 33 engines inside, making it the most powerful ever built rocket. Super Heavy rocket was launched. It produced an ear-splitting sound as it ignited. It was accompanied by the Starship, which was perched on the booster.

SpaceX Starship

According to reports, the rocket started to spiral out of control and was destroyed by onboard charge charges four minutes after takeoff.

SpaceX engineers still see the mission as a victory, despite its setback. They aren’t scared by the potential for things to go wrong, and they adhere to “test often and early” and don’t let the fear of failure deter them. They’ll have collected a lot of data to prepare for their next launch.

It is reported that a second Starship has almost been ready to launch.

Musk said that his firm would make another attempt within a few months.

Congratulations to @SpaceX for an exciting Starship launch test! Musk tweeted, “I’ve learned a great deal for my next test launch coming up in a few weeks.”

The rocket is expected to play an important role in NASA’s Artemis program which aims at putting humans on the moon by 2025.

Currently, the exact cause is unknown. Despite the failure of the launch, the company classified the test as successful.

The US Federal Aviation Administration is leading the investigation. The representative said that it is standard procedure in the event of an accident resulting in a vehicle being lost in flight.

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