10 Best Small Business Loans in Tennessee and How to Get 2024

Small Business Loans for Companies in Tennessee

Tennessee, situated in the middle of the region’s southern part, has diversified its economy over the last few times. There’s been an increase in economic development. Large businesses and multinational corporations invest in this voluntary state, and its economy has flourished. The state’s economy is through a range of companies and industries that are both small and large. Tourists and businesses are thronging Nashville, the state’s capital, contributing billions of dollars to the state’s economy. Small and large business owners can avail and small-sized loans for businesses in Tennessee to fund their businesses.

Manufacturing Loans in Tennessee

Manufacturing has always been a vital component in the economy of Tennessee, the automotive manufacturing accounting for between one-third of the manufacturing jobs in Tennessee. Tennessee hosts several of the biggest automotive manufacturing companies in the United States. Nissan, as well as GM, both have substantial manufacturing facilities within the state. Due to the state’s geographical location, skilled workforce, and low costs for business, manufacturing in Tennessee continues to flourish. Entrepreneurs in every manufacturing industry rely on commercial loans from Tennessee to expand and manage their businesses.

Healthcare and Green Energy Loans in Tennessee

Healthcare and Green Energy Loans in Tennessee

Tennessee’s green energy and healthcare industry has grown, positively impacting our local economy. The healthcare industry, which includes Vanderbilt University Medical Center, provides around 30 billion dollars and 200,000 or more jobs to the economy of Tennessee every year. Green energy is centered on energy efficiency, clean air, and renewable energy and has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the state. SMB Compass provides business loans in Tennessee to assist these businesses grow and flourish.

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Loans for agriculture in Tennessee

The farmland area covers more than one-third of the state, which makes the agriculture industry and the products they create, like beef, corn chicken, cotton, and corn, vital to the economy of Tennessee. Agriculture is about 10% of Tennessee’s economy and contributes more than 30 billion dollars in revenue and 200,000 jobs for the state. The owners of businesses in the agriculture sector rely on small-business credit and loans to purchase equipment in Tennessee to help cover their costs and manage their business.

Tourism and Hospitality Loans in Tennessee

Tennessee’s tourism and hospitality industry has seen considerable growth, and Nashville is the sole source of 1.5 million dollars of revenues annually. The city, known for its music, has been attracting tourists from nearby cities like Atlanta and Charlotte and tourists from nationwide. Tourism is growing not just in Nashville but throughout the state, helping provide income opportunities for small-scale companies. Businesses use small business loans and hotel loans within Tennessee to develop and manage their business. SMB Compass provides business loans to many companies and industries in Tennessee.

SMB Compass has loan programs starting at $25,000 and up 100 million in Tennessee. SMB Compass is an expert across Tennessee on equipment finance, SBA loans, asset-based bridge loans, loans, invoice factoring, and business credit lines. Make a phone call with a Lending advisor today and find out more about the business loan choices in Tennessee.

Small Business Loans in Tennessee

  • Business Line of Credit Tennessee
  • SBA Loans in Tennessee
  • Asset-Based Lending in Tennessee
  • Factoring for Tennessee Businesses
  • Business Term Loan Tennessee
  • Business Equipment Financing Tennessee
  • Purchase Order Financing Tennessee
  • Inventory Financing Tennessee
  • Commercial Real Estate Loan Tennessee

Here are a few ways to utilize the small business loan in Tennessee

  • Get small business loans
  • Refinance existing loans as well as credit card debt
  • Refinance or buy commercial real estate
  • Lease or purchase machinery and other equipment
  • Raw materials and inventory purchased from the purchase store
  • Increase cash flow
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Software for business and upgrade technology
  • Renovate the office space
  • Operating expenses for day-to-day operations

Tennessee Small Business

With a workforce of at most 1.1 million people, small-scale enterprises thrive throughout this Volunteer State. In the most recent period, financial institutions handed loans to 69,897 (under 100,000) that totaled $960.4 million. The analysis of the financials suggests that Tennessee is among the best locations for small-sized entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

TENNESSEE comprises THREE distinct areas, referred to as The Grand Divisions of East, Middle, and West Tennessee. Each of them is unique regarding the culture and industry. It’s easy to see that the most populated cities in Nashville and the capital city, Memphis, Clarksville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, are distinct, different cities. The state, home to more than 6.9 million inhabitants, is well-respected for its culture and variety.

It’s also a stunning state accessible from all sides, from the Blue Ridge Mountains along the eastern border and the plains of other regions, which has helped the state grow into an important agricultural hub. It’s also home to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well. The state is known as”the Volunteer State; there’s much to be cherished about running a small-scale business here.

When it comes to the sector and industries of the state, there are a variety of them. Agriculture is a major one, with corn, poultry, and soybeans. It also has an industry leader in technological, electronic, and automotive music and the healthcare sector, a booming tourism sector.

Tennessee Small Business

These significant industries are flourishing, as are the numerous small-scale enterprises operating within the region. The U.S. Small Business Administration states 652,795 small companies are working in the state and creating employment for 1.2 million individuals. These jobs pay a salary of $40,020,637. A lot of households rely on small businesses to fulfill their requirements.

Establishing adequate business capital is typically one of the primary tools for enabling it. Small-scale business loans in Tennessee are easily accessible to meet most demands. The U.S. Small Business Administration’s most recent three-year information, there are 1,482 small-business loans in Tennessee in operation, and the total amount of loans is $1,221,261,837.

These businesses can utilize these funds for various purposes like expansion, launching new services or products, promoting the company, and bringing in more employees. The average size of a loan is a lot larger at $824,063. It’s not a surprise that the small businesses in the state rely on these funds for a wide variety of purposes.

What are the small business loans like in Tennessee?

Once a small-sized business has been established, it will require capital to purchase the necessary materials and other products. There’s often a need for a third-party source, which is why small-scale business lenders in Tennessee can help. They provide loans specifically for the requirements of smaller businesses that typically have less than 100 employees. They can offer various types of loans, and the amount they offer depends on the amount of risk. Borrowers, typically the company and occasionally the owner, have to pay back the amount of money borrowed via the loan and the interest.

Tennessee Small business loans are available in various kinds. In many cases, qualified businesses will have a wide variety of options to pick from for loans. Some, for instance, are term loans, which have an annual fixed rate for 5-10 years. The lender will provide capital in advance, which the business can use whenever required. Other kinds of loans include an unsecured line of credit for business or could have a lien on assets, for example, equipment financing. The most popular types of small-business loans in Tennessee are:

  • Bank credit
  • SBA loans through SBA.gov
  • Business term loan
  • Line of credit for businesses
  • Equipment Financing

What criteria do lenders use to decide when to lend money to a business? A few companies qualify for a loan to small businesses or credit, and some may be eligible with a higher interest rate or have a limited borrowing capacity. This is contingent on the criteria the lender will require, which can differ in terms of loan and lender.

Most lenders would like to have a business plan that defines what ownership is held by the business and provides an analysis of market trends and an array of information about the company’s financial health. It is usually an income and loss statement or balance sheet, reports on bank accounts, and other information that proves that the business can survive and make profits.

At the beginning of your venture, you can explore community development organizations, nonprofit grants, and other grants for businesses to help you get started. Over time you could be qualified for a loan from the lender.

Most entrepreneurs and small business entrepreneurs who are just getting their businesses up and running will utilize their own money instead of business financing—even having a business plan; the lender will want to know that you’ve proven track records of operating a business and bringing in revenues, as that income will be the basis to repay the loan. You can consider different financing alternatives when you have a history of success.

If you are a business owner, you can apply for small-scale company loans in Tennessee and work with lenders to identify the correct type of loan that meets your requirements. Many lenders are flexible and will collaborate with borrowers to create a loan plan that meets their monthly expenses requirements and provides them with the required funds.

The most important thing is to be aware of your options, and you should evaluate lenders to identify the top small-business lenders in Tennessee to partner with before making a choice.

10 Biggest small business loan lenders in Tennessee

Tennessee small business loan lenders are ranked by loans issued in the state.

1U.S. Bank576.20%$248,830
2Pinnacle Bank465.37%$1,243,015
3United Midwest Savings Bank276.00%$140,000
4The Huntington National Bank255.74%$309,876
5Cadence Bank195.32%$413,289
6CapStar Bank195.38%$1,008,711
7Newtek Small Business Finance176.22%$595,912
8Live Oak Bank155.00%$2,524,000
9Wells Fargo Bank156.82%$411,013
10Regions Bank144.67%$1,280,121

U.S. Bank

It was first established in 1863 as The First National Bank of Cincinnati; U.S. Bank now has a presence across 26 states nationwide. U.S. Bank offers a range of services and products to meet its customers’ requirements, including small-business loans and personal banking options, such as savings and checking.

We contacted U.S. Bank to determine whether there was any benefit in working with them during an SBA credit process. The following is what they said to us:

  • Preferred SBA Lender
  • Offers the SBA 7(A) Loan Program and SBA 504 Loan Program.
  • The loans can fund financing business acquisitions, equipment purchases, and other needs.

If you want to connect with an expert SBA loan agent, fill out this form to quickly join SBA loans according to your situation.

Pinnacle Bank

Pinnacle Bank was started in 1934 as an institution for community banks in Georgia to meet the financial requirements of the people. Today, with more than 20 branches throughout the state, Pinnacle Bank can fulfill the needs of its customers through its products and tools, including small-business loans.

We contacted pinnacle bank to determine whether there was any benefit to working with them in this SBA procedure for loans. This is what they said to us:

  • Offers the SBA 7(A) Loan Program and SBA 504 Loan Program
  • They can finance business acquisitions, equipment purchases, and other needs.

If you’re ready to talk with an expert SBA loan agent, fill out the form below to connect to SBA loans depending on your specific needs, quickly.

United Midwest Savings Bank

In 1889, the bank was established as an institution for community banking to provide to local people and businesses. United Midwest Savings Bank has more than 30 years of experience serving the needs of its customers. With five branches and an administrative office located in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus, Ohio area, United Midwest Savings banks can assist all its customers.

We contacted United Midwest Savings Bank to determine whether there was any benefit to working with them in an SBA loan procedure. This is what they told us:

  • Offers the SBA 7(A) Loan Program and SBA 504 Loan Program.
  • They can be used for cash flow, working capital acquisitions, equipment purchases, and other needs.

If you want to connect with a knowledgeable SBA loan representative, you can use the form below to quickly match you with an SBA program depending on your specific needs.

Huntington National Bank

It was founded in 1866 and is based in Columbus, Ohio, with branches across eleven states and $179 billion of assets to cater to the needs of its customers; Huntington National Bank was established in 1866. Huntington National Bank has much to provide. Huntington National Bank has a range of products and services to satisfy business and personal banking requirements.

We contacted Huntington National Bank to find out if there are any benefits to working with them in this SBA credit process. What they told us:

  • SBA Preferred Lender
  • Offers the SBA 7(A) Loan Program, SBA 504 Loan Program, and SBA Express.
  • The loans can fund financing business acquisitions, equipment purchases, and other reasons.

If you’re ready to talk with a knowledgeable SBA loan agent, fill out this form to connect with SBA loans according to your needs quickly.

Cadence Bank

Established in 1876, Cadence Bank has almost 150 years of experience helping customers from Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma fulfill their needs. Cadence Bank offers several tools, such as small business loans and personal banking tools, such as savings and checking accounts.

We contacted Cadence Bank to find out whether there was any benefit from working with them during this SBA procedure for loans. What they said to us:

  • Preferred SBA Lender
  • We are willing to lend to the fifty U.S. States
  • Cadence Bank typically prices SBA 7(a) loans with a spread of the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate and adjusts the rate quarterly. The price typically ranges between Prime + 1.50 percent and up to Prime + 2.75 percent, based on the specifics and nature of the deal. SBA does not permit lenders to charge fees for loan origination. However, a bank can charge an additional packing cost (typically $2500 per deal).
  • Proceeds may be used for a wide range of business purposes–including real estate acquisition or refinancing, working capital, business acquisition, inventory acquisition, startup costs, equipment acquisition, partner buyouts, and construction/leasehold improvements.

If you want to connect with a knowledgeable SBA loan agent, fill out this form to quickly match you with the SBA program, depending on your situation.

Other resources for small-scale businesses in Tennessee

Access to funds is crucial. Getting advice and direction from experienced and trusted leaders is more critical for many companies. In Tennessee, there are some essential resources to aid small businesses to make the right decisions and expand.

One of the most effective resources is SCORE. It was founded by business owners who have succeeded and offer their advice and insights to small companies starting or looking to grow. This group allows businesses to collaborate with mentors, take part in seminars and webinars and receive help for their particular requirements. The main office is in Chattanooga, and its website has a wealth of information.

The Small Business Administration in Tennessee is a valuable resource that provides advice and assistance on many crucial topics, such as creating businesses, setting up and hiring employees, navigating risks, and ensuring legal requirements. Online support and local help are readily available.

Small Business Loan in a Different State

 Small Business Loans in a different state


Where is the most accessible place to get a business loan?

The easiest place to get a business loan depends on your credit score, business plan, and financial history. Traditional banks, online lenders, and credit unions are standard options.

How can I get money to start a business?

To earn money to start a business, consider personal savings, family and friends’ investments, crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capital, or small business loans.

Which SBA loan is easiest to get approved for?

The SBA 7(a) loan is often considered easier to get approved for, as it has a broader range of eligible uses and is suitable for various business purposes.

How can I start a business with $100?

Starting a business with $100 might involve offering services like freelance writing, tutoring, or social media management, leveraging existing skills to generate income.

Is there a way to start a business with no money?

Starting a business with no money is challenging but possible. Consider service-based businesses, freelancing, or leveraging partnerships and collaborations to reduce initial costs.

What is the cheapest, most profitable business to start?

The most affordable and profitable business to start varies. Still, online companies like consulting content creation or affiliate marketing often have low startup costs and the potential for good returns.

Which company is best in 1 lakh?

The best business with 1 lakh (100,000) rupees depends on your skills and market demand. Small-scale manufacturing, food ventures, or online stores could be considered.

What small businesses earn the most?

Small companies often make the most in industries like technology, healthcare, finance, and consulting, but success depends on execution and market conditions.

What is the most accessible business to run?

The most straightforward company can vary based on your skills and interests. Service-based businesses like consulting, tutoring, or event planning might need more time to start and manage.

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