How to Reset the Logitech Mouse Full Guide in 2023

Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working

Logitech is a well-known name in the computer accessory market, making many high-quality computer mice. Even though these mice are safe, they can stop working correctly for several reasons, such as buttons that don’t work, movements that don’t make sense, or the inability to connect to the computer. In these instances, resetting the mouse could solve the problem. Resetting the Logitech mouse is a straightforward procedure that requires pressing the button on the mouse, or the receiver, depending on the type of mouse. But, the steps can differ based on the version of the Logitech mouse. Therefore, reading the user manual for detailed instructions on resetting your mouse is essential.

The first step to reset the Logitech mouse would be to find its reset button. Based on the model, the reset button could be located within the device or the receiver. This receiver can be described as a tiny USB dongle connecting to the computer and your mouse via wireless. In specific models, the reset button could be located on the side of the mouse and require users to flip their mouse to reach it.

After you’ve found the reset button, The second step to do is to press it and hold it for a couple of minutes. This will cause the receiver’s or mouse’s light to blink, signaling that the device was reset. It is vital to press the button for the duration specified to make sure your reset is completed. In specific models, numerous buttons must be packed to restart the gadget.

Once the reset procedure is completed, the mouse should work correctly again. If your issue persists, explore other ways to solve the problem, like replacement of the battery or pairing the mouse with the receiver, or updating the driver for your mouse. If none of these solutions solves the issue, call Logitech assistance or get professional help.

How To Connect Logitech Mouse?

  • Logitech Mouse Setup:
  • Disconnect the mouse’s USB port.
  • Connect the USB cable to your computer, then connect the USB port to the mouse.
  • Press and hold on to the power key for 10 seconds or until you see a message on your screen asking if you would like to shut off your PC or restart it following an outage.
  • If you don’t click No when you get this message displayed on your screen, press and hold on the Logitech logo button until you can hear a click indicating that it’s connected to your PC.
How To Connect Logitech Mouse?

After connecting to the internet, let all buttons go except the power button, so they won’t accidentally press the next time you click!

Methods Of Connecting Logitech Mouse:

Methods Of Connecting Logitech Mouse

1- Using the Reset Button Located at the Base:

Logitech Mouse settings have a reset button on the bottom of the mouse. It is a way to reset the grounds of any device when needed. After taking the battery off, press and hold the power button for 15 seconds until you turn the machine off. You will be able to find the button.

After you’ve completed this, apply your finger to the red circle on the top of your computer mouse. Please continue to hold it until you notice the blinking green. When this happens, remove your fingers from the mouse and press and have both buttons while you turn the computer back on. You should be capable of using the mouse again at this point.

2- Reset By Changing the USB Port:

  • Start your Logitech software, select “Restore Default Settings,” and save your settings.
  • Disconnect your USB gadget from the computer and plug it back in within 10 seconds if you’re not connected to a power-powered USB hub.
  • If that doesn’t work, try to remove any different USB gadgets from the computer, such as wireless keyboards and mice.

3- Reset Logitech Mouse By Uninstalling Software:

  • Remove the program from your PC.
  • Please find the latest program version and then install it.
  • Please restart your computer and attempt to reaccess it, in case you’re still unable to resolve the issue using the settings mentioned above, try to reset the Logitech Pro Wireless Gaming mouse by uninstalling the software or updating it with the latest drivers.

4- Examine The Mouse On A Different Computer

  • Connect a different computer with the mouse. Check out the directions to attach your mouse above if you need help getting started. This will allow you to determine if the driver is incompatible with your system’s software.
  • It may also assist you in identifying if the issue lies with the USB connection. The Logitech wireless gaming device won’t work if its USB dongle fails to connect to your PC.

Connect Logitech Wireless Mouse

If you own the Logitech wireless mouse, You can change the settings of your mouse by following these steps:

  • Connect the mouse to your PC and then remove the battery.
  • Press the keys on the bottom of the mouse until they begin flashing fast. If you don’t notice this happening, Try pressing the buttons with a different sequence or pressing them for more than 2 seconds to check that they function correctly.
  • Replace the battery with your mouse, then connect the computer with the appropriate USB cable.

Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working:

The Logitech mouse you’re using is an essential component of your PC. It can be used to browse the internet, watch films, or play games. If your Logitech mouse isn’t functioning, this could cause many problems for you.

If you’ve attempted everything possible to achieve your Logitech wireless mouse function, you might find it stuck in a stalemate. Here’s how to reset your device.

Step 1: Find the button that turns off or on at the bottom of the mouse. Press and hold it for around five seconds until it flashes red, then releases itself automatically.

Step 2: Press and hold each button on your mouse simultaneously for approximately 2 minutes until you’ve seen an illuminated green light. If that doesn’t work, try holding them down longer or shutting them off and restarting your PC.

Physical Troubleshooting

If your Logitech mouse isn’t working, you should examine the battery. If they’re in good working order with the power light, you can use the mouse until. If your mouse’s battery compartment has damaged or broken, you’ll require replacing the batteries. If your Logitech mouse isn’t working well after replacing the batteries, it may be a software problem.

Start the Device Manager (right-click the icon on My Computer, then select Properties) and search “System Devices” for any new devices in the section. If you find something new, you can click on it to remove it from the Programs and Features from the Control Panel. This should resolve any software problems causing issues with your Logitech mouse. Try clearing all System Preferences settings and updating your driver if this does not work.

Logotech mouse setup manaul


Here’s the solution. This is the basic way you can reset the Logitech Bluetooth mouse. Now you can use your mouse as usual. Follow the steps above to determine if your wireless mouse isn’t functioning correctly. It may help you fix the problem. It’s a straightforward procedure that takes about 10 minutes and is completed based on how quickly you respond to the instructions.


What Is Logitech Mouse Software?

The Logitech Mouse Software (LMS) is a user-friendly, customized solution that allows users to alter their mouse’s hardware settings and sensitivity. LMS offers advanced features such as macro recording and management of databases.

How Do I Reprogram My Logitech Mouse?

You can connect to your Logitech mouse wirelessly in two ways. One method is to hold down the left button until the LED light begins flashing blue, then let it go. Another technique is pressing the left button while turning your cursor around until the light turns green.

Can I Reset The Mouse Just By Holding Down The Button?

You’ll need to turn off the power source and press the button at the mouse’s rear for about 10 seconds to reset it.

Why Does My Logitech Mouse Occasionally Blink Red?

The battery pack or charger for batteries could be used in conjunction with the Logitech wireless mouse. The Logitech wireless mouse’s lights flashing red means that its battery is running low. Therefore, it must be replenished or else replaced.

How can you get the computer mouse to reset?

To get a mouse to reset, disconnect it from your computer and reconnect it. Alternatively, restart the computer, or use the reset button on your mouse (if there is one).

What is the reason the Logitech Mouse not functioning?

Your Logitech mouse might not function because of an unresponsive battery, connectivity issues, obsolete drivers, or an inoperable mouse. Change the batteries, connect the mouse to the computer, update the drivers, and try a different mouse model to fix the problem.

What can I do to set up my Logitech?

For a reset on your device from Logitech, find the reset switch on your device or receiver and press and hold for about a minute or so until the LED light turns on.

How can I reset my Logitech G502 mouse?

To reset your Logitech G502 Mouse, switch it off, then hold and press the DPI button and right-click it simultaneously for 5 minutes. The mouse will blink and reset.

How can I solve a wireless mouse that isn’t responding?

To resolve an inactive wireless mouse, test the batteries and replace them if damaged. You can try resetting your mouse, switching it off and on, or pressing its reset button. If the problem persists, try re-pairing the mouse to the receiver or the computer.

How can I reset my mouse if it isn’t working?

To reset a mouse that isn’t functioning, test for batteries and replace them when needed. Try resetting the mouse by switching it off and back on or pressing its reset button. If that doesn’t work, pair it with the computer or receiver again.

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