Aspor A351 2in1 Iphone & Type-c Flexible Portable Mini 5000mah Power Bank


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Aspor A351 2in1 Iphone

In an era where staying connected is crucial, having a reliable power source on the go is indispensable. The Aspor A351 2in1 iPhone & Type-C Flexible Portable Mini 5000mAh Power Bank is a perfect companion for tech-savvy individuals. This blog post explores the key features and benefits of the Aspor A351, highlighting why it should be your next power bank purchase.

Compact and Portable Design

The Aspor A351 Power Bank is designed with portability in mind. Its sleek, mini design ensures it easily fits in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Despite its compact size, it packs a powerful punch, making it an ideal choice for travellers, students, and professionals who need a reliable power source.

Dual Compatibility

One of the standout features of the Aspor A351 is its dual compatibility. It comes with both iPhone and Type-C connectors, making it versatile and convenient. Whether you have an iPhone, Android device, or any other gadget that uses Type-C, this power bank has you covered. This dual compatibility eliminates the need for carrying multiple chargers, simplifying your tech life.

Robust 5000mAh Capacity

With a capacity of 5000mAh, the Aspor A351 Portable Power Bank provides ample power to keep your devices running throughout the day. It can charge most smartphones up to two times on a single charge, ensuring you stay connected during long trips, busy workdays, or outdoor adventures. The high-capacity battery ensures that you never run out of power when you need it the most.

Flexible and Durable

The Aspor A351 is built to last with a flexible and durable design. The connectors are robust, ensuring they withstand regular use without wear and tear. The power bank’s construction is resilient, making it a reliable accessory that you can depend on daily.

Quick and Efficient Charging

Efficiency is key when it comes to portable chargers, and the Aspor A351 excels in this area. It offers fast charging capabilities, ensuring your devices are powered up quickly. This feature is particularly useful when you’re in a hurry and need a quick boost to your device’s battery.

User-Friendly Features

Ease of use is at the heart of the **Aspor A351 Power Bank**. It features an LED indicator that shows the battery level, so you always know how much power is left. The straightforward design ensures that even those who are not tech-savvy can use it effortlessly.

The Aspor A351 2in1 iPhone & Type-C Flexible Portable Mini 5000mAh Power Bank is a versatile, reliable, and efficient power solution. Its compact design, dual compatibility, robust capacity, and quick charging make it an essential accessory for anyone who needs to stay connected on the go. Make the Aspor A351 your go-to power bank and experience the convenience and reliability it offers.

  • Model: Aspor A351
  • Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Charging Technology: Fast Charging
  • Connectors: Built-in Lightning and USB-C
  • Output (iPhone Connector): DC 5V = 2.0A
  • Input (USB-C): DC 5V = 3.0A / 9V = 2.0A (PD18W)
  • Output (USB-C): DC 5V = 3.0A / 9V = 2.22A / 12V = 1.67A (PD20W)
  • Weight: Lightweight and portable
  • Usage: Emergency power, daily usage


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