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AKKO MonsGeek M1 DIY Kit Reviews

In this review, we’ll look at the brand-new MonsGeek M1 AKKO DIY Kit. AKKO is among the brands that immediately proved willing to let us try the pre-assembled models. However, like any passion worthy of respect, even in keyboards, you will never stop trying to reach for the stars once you begin.

The product we’re in the process of reading about within this piece is a “DIY Kit,” i.e., an assembly kit for the keyboard of your choice. The full title can be described as AKKO MonsGeek M1 DIY kit. It’s a partnership between two brands, characterized by an entirely aluminum body and a “Gasket Mount” plate. To know the details of this kit, you’ll have to continue following!

Unboxing Review AKKO MonsGeek M1 DIY Kit

Let’s begin, as usual, by looking through the contents inside the box. Apart from the aluminum body, which is, in our case is of”White” color, we also find “White” color, we discover a few screws, an Allen key, and cavo Coiled da USB-C, Cavo Coil Da USB C a USB-A rubber, and The “Screw-in” stabilizersstickers for carrying out the”Force Break Mod,” also known as the ” Force Break Mod” and a more extensive sticker sheet that can be used to the ” Tape Mod” underneath the PCB.

The keyboard comes constructed but without stabilizers. Akko has supplied us with this kit equipped with their specific switching device,” Wine Red,” already lubricated by the factory. We’re now ready to begin making the keyboard.

Let’s build the keyboard

Making the keyboard is an easy task. It is enough to remove the six screws on the bottom, then remove the power source to isolate the PCB from the aluminum section. After this, it is time to put in the stabs and (if we choose to) modify the keyboard. Since it’s “Screw-in,” the stabilizers must be screwed onto the PCB. One of the unique features of the case is the fact it is a ” Gasket Mount.” This means that the plate on which a PCB is positioned within the two parts that form the case. Essentially, it is suspended, and on the sides, there are silicone gaskets that ensure more adherence and a better sound. The switches can also be installed when the keyboard is completed, as are keycaps. The PCB lets you install three and 5-pin switches.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the keyboard. Several components are designed to enhance the user’s experience within the aluminum shell. The bottom is lined with a thick sponge. Above is a sheet made of plastic, and there is the PCB. We also have sponges and the switch pad between this and the polycarbonate plate. Is modifying the keyboard using the materials included in the package possible?

Force Break Mod

As mentioned, the black stickers we’ve seen before were utilized to perform the “Force Break Mod.” This mod serves to dampen the metallic sound emanating from the aluminum box. All you have to do is put the stickers in the upper portion of the case in the inside section, along the entire area.

Tape mod

This modification is easy to implement. The usual way to implement this mod is accomplished by applying multiple sheets of masking tape on the lower part of the PCB to make a better sound. Akko and MonsGeek have provided us with stickers to make this process simpler. We must cut holes in the raised areas and the power supply case to ensure the sheet sticks better.

Impressions and feelings AKKO MonsGeek M1 DIY Kit

The AKKO MonsGeek M1 Kit oozes durability from every pore. The aluminum composite body is solidly constructed. After the switches and keycaps are put in, the body weighs in at a respectable 1978g! We’ve picked the white hue, but purple, black, pink, and red are also readily available. The metal’s texture is satin, and across both edges, there are gold details that will enhance the keyboard’s appearance. The layout of this customized is the traditional 75 percent con knob which can be altered to your preferences. It is among the only two issues we’ve seen within this set. First, the design needs to be bigger and higher, we believe. Unfortunately, it is prone to collision with cases making it hard to work with.

AKKO MonsGeek M1 DIY Kit review

On the bottom, there at the bottom are four feet made of rubber that stop the keyboard from moving around the desk (as if the weight wasn’t enough). It is not possible to alter the angle. The rear has only the Type-C entry on the left side.

Despite being a “Gasket Mount,” the plate is excellent and is highly rigid even when we press hard. Alongside the knob, one of the parts that most swayed us is the stabilizers that screw in. Despite the tiny modifications used, the metallic ping is very irritating. While it’s present on all stabilizers, it is the most noticeable in the spacebar, in which the stability was not uniform.

In terms of lighting, the standard lighting feature has been around for a long time on AKKO keyboards. However, this time the software that handles it is dubbed ” MonsGeek Cloud Driver.” The interface is more essential than the one used by AKKO; however, the function is similar.

CS Wine Red Switches (Lubed)

AKKO provided the company with one of its factory-pre-lubricated switch sets, the ” CS Wine Red.” They are linear that have a pre-travel of 1.9 + 0.3mm with an overall travel of 4.0 0. 0.5mm and an activation strength of 43 + 5gf. This was our first time using oil-filled switches from AKKO, which we impressed. With the adjustments made in the above article, the sound is incredible. If we were to translate it, we’d call it a rich “Clack.”

CS Wine Red Switches (Lubed) MonsGeek M1

The specifications are similar to”CS Crystal Switch “CS Crystal Switch” tested in a more recent configuration. The writing experience with these switches is better in every way. Even though there is some slight friction with the plastic of the parts this time, it’s not in any way bothersome.

We tried this configuration primarily for typing. However, we also tested it in gaming. It’s excellent in both scenarios but better for the first one. The key’s response is exact, as the force applied is, according to us, right.

MDA Cream Keycaps

In addition to the other components mentioned, we decided to mix the keycaps di “MDA Cream,” also manufactured by AKKO. This profile is, as its name suggests, “MDA.” When looking towards the keyboard’s side view, keys tend to rise as we progress toward the higher rows. This set includes 282 keys. The color of the primary keys is a bit of an old-fashioned “cream.” Others resemble the grayish hue, as well as particular ones featuring colorful and stylized animals as well as bright hues.

We loved this set because of the style, which is highly appealing to the eye and easy to type on, as well as for the numerous choices for personalization.


  • Very solid
  • Excellent materials
  • An extremely pleasing and aesthetic finish
  • Excellent soundproofing inside the house.
  • Prezzo


  • The stabilizers are only sometimes the most effective.
  • The knob can be seen to touch the case.


Is the Monsgeek M1 good?

I do not have any personal experiences or opinions; I am merely an AI language model. However, based on the available reviews and specifications, the Monsgeek M1 keyboard is a good option for those looking for an affordable mechanical keyboard with customizable RGB lighting. It features a durable aluminum frame, various switch options, and valuable features such as a detachable USB-C cable and multiple function keys for media control and macros. While there may be some downsides, such as the keycap quality and the software usability, overall, the Monsgeek M1 keyboard offers excellent value for its price. Whether the Monsgeek M1 is reasonable depends on personal preferences and needs.

How many keys does the Monsgeek M1 have?

The Monsgeek M1 keyboard has 87 keys. It is a tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard, meaning it does not include a numeric keypad, but it still contains all the essential keys for typing and gaming.

Is M1 better than a pro?

As an AI language model, I cannot access information about a specific “M1 Pro” product. Please provide more details about the product comparison you want me to make.

Is M1 more powerful than i5?

It is impossible to directly compare the Monsgeek M1 keyboard and an Intel i5 processor as they are different types of products. The M1 is a mechanical keyboard, while the i5 is a CPU type.

How reasonable is M1 for machine learning?

As a mechanical keyboard, the Monsgeek M1 is not directly related to machine learning. However, it can be used for typing and coding tasks related to machine learning projects. Its performance will depend on the user’s preference and comfort while typing.


In conclusion, the Monsgeek M1 keyboard is a solid choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable mechanical keyboard. It features a durable aluminum frame, various switch options, and customizable RGB lighting.

The keyboard is comfortable and tactile, making it a good option for typing and gaming. It also includes valuable features such as a detachable USB-C cable and multiple function keys for media control and macros.

While the keycaps are not the highest quality, they are still decent and can be easily replaced. Additionally, the software for customization could be more user-friendly, but it does offer a good amount of customization options.

Overall, the Monsgeek M1 keyboard offers an excellent price and is a good option for those looking for a reliable mechanical keyboard with customizable RGB lighting.

This AkKO MonsGeek M1 DIY Kit is an excellent choice with outstanding advantages. When it comes to customizing specifically for peripherals made entirely from aluminum, this certainly is an affordable cost.

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