20+ Microtask Websites That Pay You for Doing Micro Jobs

Microtask is a great option if you’re seeking a side hustle that can easily adapt to your busy schedule. Microtasks, as the name implies, are very short-lived and involve very little effort. When you have downtime in your schedule, you may use the top microtask websites to get some work done without becoming sidetracked by your other commitments. As a side hustle, I’ll show you where to find micro-tasking websites and how to do them.

What is the Potential Earning Potential of Microtask Sites?

In terms of hourly compensation, microtasks are not the best side gig. While many jobs only pay a few cents, this opportunity stands out due to its adaptability and the fact that anyone can accomplish it. You can usually just need basic computer skills and no prior experience to begin doing micro tasks for money.

Basic proofreading, software testing, writing reviews, email sorting, content moderation, URL searches, and testing games are all examples of typical microtask tasks.

The hourly wage of most people who do micro-tasking is quite low. Even while it’s not the ideal choice for those looking to make a substantial amount of money, it’s feasible to earn $50 to $100 each week or even more with no specified time commitment, making it a good side gig for those who need some flexibility.

You can also begin right away. It will just take you a few minutes to sign up and finish your first microtask. You may need to put in more work or wait a while before you can start making money with other side hustles.

Top Platforms for Micro Jobs on Microtasking

There are a lot of micro job sites out there, and it can be hard to tell which ones are legitimate and offer good money. The top microtask sites are listed below.

1. Swagbucks ($10 bonus)

A fantastic microtask platform, Swagbucks allows you to earn money just by sharing your opinion or reviewing products. As you complete each mini-task, you’ll earn SBs, the point system used by Swagbucks. While online surveys make up the bulk of the work, there are other ways to rack up SBs, such as playing games, viewing movies, shopping online, and even just browsing the web.

There is a $3 minimum payout, and if you reach a certain point total, you may exchange them for PayPal cash or gift cards like Google Play credits or Amazon gift cards. At the moment, a $25 Google Play gift card requires around 2,200 SBs. New customers can also take advantage of initial benefits.

There are a lot of microtask apps out there, but we love Swagbucks for all the numerous ways you can earn prizes and money. You may even come to enjoy using Swagbucks.

2. 25Clicks

You may make some extra cash with 25Clicks (previously PartTimeClicks) by taking on little online research jobs. Searching Google, clicking on results, and giving page comments make up the bulk of the chores. But so long as you don’t leave the United States, you’re free to work whenever and wherever you like.

For each work you finish, you will receive payment; the going rate is $0.50. You may complete the tasks on your PC or mobile phone at any time, and they usually don’t take more than a minute.

There may not be much to do on the site, but every Friday you will get paid through PayPal and there is no minimum payout.

3. Mechanical Turk

A subsidiary of Amazon, Mechanical Turk (MTurk) was an early provider of micro jobs and small assignments. Mechanical Turk by Amazon provides Human Intelligence Tasks or HITs. For the listed price, you can have certain tasks done. Data processing, data verification, information collecting, and picture processing are all examples of what this can entail.

“Requesters” publish the jobs, and for some of them, you’ll need to get a “qualification” or take a test to prove you can master them. You probably won’t make more than 10 cents per minute because the payment is usually rather modest for each little activity.

The quality of your work must also be approved by the requester. Thus, you should exercise caution while selecting jobs, making sure to only pick ones that you are capable of doing efficiently.

Because it is owned by the world-renowned firm, Amazon, MTurk is among the most prominent micro-tasking sites overall.

4. Survey Junkie

In the same vein as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie is a GPT (get paid to) platform. This is one of the most well-known survey sites, and as the name implies, the microtasks mostly consist of online questionnaires. The average payment range for a 30-minute survey is $0.20 to $3.50. In most cases, the longer the survey, the higher the compensation offer.

Pay for other online tasks ranges from $0.25 to $1, with intricacy dictating the exact amount. Just by installing a browser or finishing your profile, for instance, you can make as much as $0.25 in just a few seconds.

You can swiftly withdraw your profits to a PayPal account or a gift card after you get 1,000 points, which is the minimum payout amount.

5. Clickworker

Microtasking website Clickworker employs remote workers who do assignments from the comfort of their own homes. The platform’s built-in web browser makes it easy to finish tasks, which are typically sub-projects within a bigger, more involved project.

To ensure the most efficient workflow possible, Clickworker’s team uses a high-tech platform to coordinate and monitor individual jobs. Tasks may involve data processing, translating texts, researching the web, and tagging.

Clickworker reports that hourly wages start at $9, with the potential to reach “well over” $10 for those with sufficient expertise and focus.

6. InboxDollars ($5 bonus)

Another GPT or microtask platform is InboxDollars, which is similar to Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. The parent business of Swagbucks and InboxDollars is the same. For doing mundane things online like completing surveys, you will be compensated with cash. Microjobs abound, and you may make money doing things like reading emails, watching films, playing games, and doing surveys. On top of that, you can receive coupons for food and other products and earn cashback when you spend online.

There is no points system with InboxDollars, so you can see how much money you could make from each assignment before you start. The pay rate for each activity ranges from $0.10 to $5.

You can withdraw your InboxDollars profits to a PayPal account, a gift card, or even a cheque, but the minimum is $30.

7. Microtask JobBoard

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash while you’re on the go, check out Microtask, a micro job board and gig job site. For more information on how to become a member of our job board and begin making money here, read on.

8. Fiverr

While several of the websites we’ve mentioned above provide microtasks, Fiverr takes a somewhat different approach. If you want to make some extra money, you should look for ways to put your current set of skills and hobbies to use. Creating a gig and listing it on Fiverr is the first step. You can also charge more for a bundle that includes additional features.

You can make real money online by offering nearly anything on Fiverr. Some frequent options include writing, graphic design, search engine optimisation, link building, video endorsements or testimonials, product evaluations, voiceovers, and more.

Check out the site for some inspiration if you’re stuck trying to figure out what to sell or how much to charge. There have been more than 50 million gigs made possible by Fiverr.

The earning potential is limitless, even if Fiverr offers a lot of services at cheaper prices. Making decent money on Fiverr is feasible if you possess some in-demand abilities; the platform pays users to execute projects. After you finish the gig, you’ll get 80% of the payment (Fiverr keeps 20%).

9. KashKick

Companies looking to get deals in front of potential consumers and collect feedback can partner with the microtask website KashKick. Everything else can be handled by KashKick as long as you have an internet connection and a little bit of time.

There is no cap on the number of “missions” you may accomplish once you’ve signed up; they range from viewing videos to conducting paid surveys to browsing the web to looking at offers.

You may cash out frequently and simply using KashKick, which is one of its standout features. You can start receiving your earnings through PayPal for as little as $5 on this platform, which has one of the lowest payment thresholds.

10. Spare5

The name of the app says it all: Spare5 lets you finish quick chores whenever you have five minutes to spare. Either a PC or Mac can finish these microtasks. Among these tasks are the following: giving keywords, annotating photos, determining the attitude, meaning, or tone of audio files, and separating elements.

You can earn money by doing activities that Spare5 gives you. You must have an active PayPal account to receive payments; this is done weekly on Fridays through your profile.

11. Zeerk

Zeerk promotes itself as a platform for micro jobs and freelancers. Gigs can be found or offered with prices ranging from $3 to $200. With its emphasis on micro-jobs, Zeerk becomes a Fiverr alternative.

Freelancers on social media sites often advertise their services to buy followers, likes, and upvotes, among other things.

Regardless of these dubious assignments, Zeerk is frequently less competitive than Fiverr, making it a viable alternative.

12. Appen

One of the most well-known microtask websites, Appen, boasts that its users will discover fulfilling careers while contributing to the solution of important societal problems. Everything from a quick survey to a project that could drag on for months is available as a microtask on this site.

Appen does seek out a diverse set of abilities. This might include everyone from someone with a degree in languages to someone who uses social media frequently. Job openings may be available in areas such as data collecting, linguistics, translation, social media, and search media evaluation.

Hourly rates can vary from $9 to $30 on average, with the exact range depending on factors like task complexity and the specific combination of skills needed.

13. Lionbridge

Comparable to Appen, Lionbridge is a platform for microtasks. Website testing, SEO evaluation, quality grading, translation, and transcribing are all part of the job description. Lionbridge is a great substitute for Appen if you’re struggling to get a job there.

But be warned: working for both Lionbridge and Appen at the same time is against the terms of service. So, pick one or the other.

Earnings range from $8 to $14 an hour, task-specific. Working hours and microtask employment can be as unpredictable as Appen, so keep that in mind.

14. Microworkers

With more than 42 million micro-tasking jobs completed, Microworkers now employs more than 1.4 million people. Surveys, ad watching, data entry, and classification are some of the online chores.

As you finish each assignment, you’ll obtain a starting rating. A better rating unlocks more tasks. Before you may request a withdrawal, your profits must reach $9. We process payments twice a week using PayPal, Dwolla, or Transpay.

You should give Microworkers a shot if you’re interested in making money doing microtasks because it’s one of the most well-known and active microjob sites out there.

15. FancyHands

Among the many gig economy platforms, FancyHands stands out. If you are looking for a virtual assistant job, it is especially beneficial. Schedule appointments, enter data, arrange trips, and take client calls as virtual assistants on FancyHands.

You may easily build a respectable side hustle and increase your income by taking on the role of a virtual assistant since this is one of the better-paying micro-jobs. The best aspect is that you may earn some extra cash on the side or even full-time by taking on many virtual assistant clients.

You may expect to earn between $3 and $7 for FancyHands projects on average, with the possibility of earning more with repeat business from the same client. We use Dwolla to make payments twice a week. But to land a job on the platform, you’ll need a headset.


16.  Field Agent

Market research is the Field Agent’s forte. Brand visibility and e-commerce features can be explored by businesses using the platform. Your duties may include researching product prices, providing feedback on individual items, answering inquiries regarding the marketing strategies of competitors, or ensuring the proper installation of a particular display.

Depending on the activity’s difficulty and the amount of time it takes, the payment for a task might range from $3 to $20. Earnings will be added to your account until you are ready to withdraw them. You have the option to request a prepaid debit card or a bank transfer, and there is no minimum redemption level.

17. ySense

ySense combines a survey platform with a website that assigns microtasks. Taking part in online surveys, seeing films, or downloading offers are all ways to earn some extra cash. As a result, people can choose work that suits their unique interests and inclinations.

Depending on how challenging the jobs are, you can earn anything from a few cents to a few of dollars. A $5 bonus will be yours for every $50 worth of chores you finish. Also, every week there is a drawing for a prize of fifty dollars.

Earnings can be redeemed using PayPal or a selection of gift cards. The minimum redemption amount is only $3.

18. Rakuten Insight

If you’re familiar with cashback websites, you’ve heard of Rakuten (formerly Ebates). You may find a wealth of information on how to monetize little jobs on Rakuten Insight, which is owned by the same firm.

Earn money by taking brief online surveys when you create a free Rakuten Insight account. Short surveys provide a great way to earn some additional cash when you have some free time, but there aren’t as many options as on sites like Swagbucks.

With the points you earn from surveys, you can buy Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash, with the minimum redemption amount being $5.

19. Task Rabbit

If you’re looking for offline work in your region, Task Rabbit is a bit different than most of the short task sites we’ve mentioned. You can run errands in your neighborhood or nearby, such as delivering parcels, cleaning, gardening, or food.

You can also sign up to receive notifications of nearby tasks through email or mobile devices. Earning more than the average of $110 per month is possible for Task Rabbit workers in high-demand areas.

20. EasyShift

With EasyShift, you may find nearby stores to work for or join “shifts” that are already scheduled. Spending time in your city—dining, shopping, or exploring—can earn you money. New shifts are added daily, and all you have to do is look at the map to choose one that interests you and then book it. Your average shift length is around fifteen minutes, and you can make four to twenty dollars.

Approximately 48 hours following the approval of your shift, you will get payment through a direct transaction to your PayPal account.

With EasyShift, you can join at any time and work whenever it’s most convenient for you. As you finish different shifts, you’ll unlock other “perks” as well.

21. AppJobber

One quick and cheap approach to getting business data is through the crowdsourcing site AppJobber. One of your responsibilities as an employee on the platform will be to use your smartphone to finish small chores.

The majority of the activities are related to retail, thus you can be asked to photograph particular stores, verify the daily price with one of those stores, authenticate addresses, or even research local road networks.

Although you won’t have to leave your house for the majority of chores, you can expect to earn at least $1 each. The duties should be easy to fit into your day if you’re already out and about in your local region.

22. Humanatic

Humanatic is a service that helps companies with quality assurance by listening to, reviewing, and organizing incoming phone calls. One of your responsibilities as a “Human” or contractor on the platform will be to sort incoming calls into their appropriate folders. Although not particularly difficult, this activity necessitates patience and careful attention to detail.

The type of call you choose will determine how much money you can make. Classifications with the lowest pay rates range from $0.06 to $0.10 for every task. But a higher rate of pay is yours to keep if you’re assigned an accuracy rating. If your PayPal balance is less than $10, you will be required to wait until the following pay cycle before you can get your payment; otherwise, payments are processed weekly through PayPal.

23. GigWalk

The GigWalk app is the only means of operation. Filling out a timesheet or sending an email does not require you to log onto a website. The software and a suitable mobile device are all that’s required to begin earning.

Take a look at the available gigs and select the ones that catch your eye. You can make $3 to $100 per project, and they can take a few minutes to a couple of hours.

When you complete a microtask and have it authorized through the GigWalk app, you’ll get paid straight into your PayPal account.

24. GrindaBuck

To earn GrindaBuck, you have to do several little jobs. Some examples of this type of work include Paid-to-click, video clip watching, survey participation, and offer participation. For the second assignment, you’ll need to visit pre-selected websites and spend no more than one minute there. Despite how simple it is, you will only get one penny for doing this task.

As a payout option, you have the choice of Bitcoin, PayPal, or a gift card. You will be able to withdraw funds whenever you like after your first $10 redemption, provided that your account balance remains unchanged. Within 12 hours of making a withdrawal, you should have the money in your account.

25. Remotasks

As a relatively new player in the micro tasking space, Remotasks pays out less than industry heavyweights like Lionbridge and Appen. However there are fewer prerequisites to enter, and the responsibilities are usually easier.

Data collecting, content moderation, transcription, picture annotation, and spam identification are all online jobs that can pay well. You may easily get your money through PayPal, even though your hourly wage is probably less than $10.


“Microtask jobs” are what?

A microtask is a very short, simple task that takes no more than a few minutes to finish. A lot of them are accessible online. Although it won’t make you a ton of money, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash when you have some free time.

Is it worthwhile to do micro jobs?

Your situation dictates the answer. Even though micro tasking doesn’t have the same high revenue potential as other online jobs, it does offer endless flexibility and doesn’t demand any special skills or experience from its participants. If you’re seeking to optimize your earnings potential and have choices, quick task sites might not be the way to go. However, micro job sites may be the perfect side hustle for you if you’re seeking a flexible way to earn some additional cash online anytime you have a few minutes to spare.

Micro jobs pay what?

The majority of platforms pay less than $1 per work, though this varies per activity and platform. You’ll have your work cut out for you if you want to make any real cash, but at least each activity isn’t too time-consuming.

In what places may I locate genuine micro jobs?

You should prioritize using the sites mentioned in this post. Among them, the two largest are Clickworkers and Mechanical Turk. Even though Appen and Lionbridge are well-liked, job opportunities are not always guaranteed.

What is the rate that Appen pays for microtasks?

The typical hourly wage ranges from $2.50 to $10.

For what amounts of money do Clickworkers often earn?

Users of Clickworker earn an average of $8 per hour.

What is the average salary of a Mechanical Turk worker?

Mturk, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, pays its workers between $2 and $8 per hour.

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