Microsoft’s Bing AI is getting smarter and is now available to all

The new updates signal the change to Bing Chat from private to public previews, which allow anyone to test it. Microsoft has announced a major update of its Bing chatbot, including new capabilities like responses via video or image and reservations at restaurants’ chat history, chat history, and enhanced interaction to Microsoft Edge.

It also signifies the change to Bing Chat from private to public previews, allowing users to use it for free.

The most significant features are the Actions feature, allowing users to complete their tasks without going through various websites. For example, when Bing results recommend a restaurant, the chatbot will assist in locating the best time to make reservations and facilitate the ordering process via its chat-based interface.

Microsoft's Bing AI

The function is compatible and compatible with Microsoft Edge, allowing users to request Bing for permission to show a film and then choose the appropriate web-based service to begin streaming. While Microsoft still needs to add all of Bing and Edge Actions partners, they have shown support for OpenTable to make reservations for restaurants and Apple TV bookings for movie searches. These are expected to be in the next couple of weeks.

In the words of Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s head of marketing for consumers Bing Chat introduces search results that include video and images directly on the platform, providing attractive and more helpful responses. The responses will feature graphs, charts, and updated format, making it easier for users to locate the information they require. Users can request images or videos of various things, animals, places, and more from Bing Chat. In addition, Microsoft is expanding its Bing Image Creator to support more than 100 languages, allowing users to create images in Bing Chat quickly.

New chat features for chat

New chat features for bing chat

A feature that has been a long-time request chat history has also been integrated into Bing Chat by Microsoft. With this feature, users can relive chat conversations on different devices and use Bing Chat as a research tool. In addition, Microsoft plans to include share and export options allowing users to share conversations on Twitter or embed them in a Word document.

Chat history becomes more fascinating in Microsoft Edge. Suppose a link from the Bing Chat response is opened within Edge. In that case, the chat will be automatically moved to an additional sidebar, which allows users to continue asking questions as they browse the site. Microsoft is also exploring customizing chats by incorporating the context of past chat history into the new conversations.

Microsoft is improving the tone options for creating text using the Edge compose tool within the Sidebar. Additionally, Edge Mobile will soon be able to handle the context of a page, allowing customers to post questions via Bing Chat about the page they’re currently on, like Bing Chat on desktops, which has a sidebar.

A powerful platform

Microsoft also offers plug-in integration in Bing Chat, opening up Bing Chat to third-party developers. Although the exact date for plug-ins isn’t known, Microsoft has disclosed that it has partnered together with OpenTable, Wolfram Alpha, and OpenAI in order to let developers integrate their services into Bing Chat.

Responsible AI

Microsoft said that responsible AI is a key element of each new feature they create to support Bing and Edge.

The company has stressed the importance of learning from actual-world testing and feedback. That’s why they’ve made a new version of Bing open for testing to provide the best experience to more people.

Together with their colleagues in OpenAI, They have put in place security measures to guard against malicious information based on their own experiences and observations made during the testing stage.

“Our teams continue to work to address issues such as misinformation and disinformation, content blocking, data safety and preventing the promotion of harmful or discriminatory content in line with our AI principles ,” said Mehdi.

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