Microsoft announces plans to charge users for Teams amid EU concerns

Microsoft has announced plans to charge different prices on its Office package that includes its Teams software. According to reports, in order in order to avoid a possible EU antitrust investigation and a possible penalty, Microsoft has proposed to offer different prices in its Office package, including and without the Teams software, as per two sources who have been in the know about the issue.

Microsoft Teams amid EU concerns

Since the messaging program for workplaces Slack which is owned by Salesforce and, submitted a complaint to the European Commission last year, Microsoft has been working to alleviate the EU concerns of competition enforcement officials people who are aware of the issue reported to Reuters that they had been contacted in the month of December.

Then in 2020, Slack declared that Microsoft had erroneously integrated Teams the chat and video app to work in, its Office product. In 2017 the American IT company introduced Teams in an attempt to take advantage of the lucrative and rapidly growing work-related collaboration market.

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