Meta’s new AI project turns doodles and doodles-like figures into animated figures

Recently, Meta unveiled Animated Drawings. This AI-based project was developed by Facebook. This project allows anyone to quickly and easily turn their basic doodles into animated characters. By making Animated Drawings open-source, the project aims to inspire developers with new ideas to provide users with a more immersive and varied experience.

This web-based application was released by the Fundamental AI Research team (FAIR) in 2021. Users must upload a single drawing of a human-like character or choose a demo figure. Meta offers users the opportunity to give permission to the tool to train its models using their doodles. The tool does not require consent.

Meta's new AI project turns doodles

After uploading the drawing, users must resize the capture box so that it fits their creation. The user can make the necessary adjustments to the joint positions with a pencil and eraser before adjusting them. After completion, the tool creates a pre-set animated version of your sketch. You can choose from four different categories: dancing, funny jumping, and walking.

Animations are created by a number of methods. These include pose estimation models and object detection models. It also uses computer graphics techniques for deforming and animating the image.

Within months of the release of the demo, Meta was granted permission to use more than 1.6 million images, including logos for companies, anime characters, fish, and stuffed animals. Due to the popularity of the tool and the wide variety of images uploaded, sound effects and text overlays have been requested for a comprehensive toolset. Meta decided to release the project as an open-source device along with a dataset that contains around 180,000 drawings due to the wide interest in attracting-to-movement encounters.

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