Meta offers long-awaited solutions to the separation of advertisements from potentially dangerous content

This week, Meta Platforms Inc. announced that it will launch a long-anticipated mechanism for advertisers to choose the way their advertisements are displayed in response to requests to remove their advertising from snarky comments and posts on Facebook as well as Instagram.

Three Risk Levels:

Three risk levels may be set by advertisers to determine the risk level for their ads, with the most prudent option not allowing placing ads above or below posts that contain sensitive material like depictions of violence sexual innuendo, sexual innuendo, or political debates.

Meta offers long-awaited solutions

Additionally, Meta will provide advertisers on Facebook advertiser with a detailed report of the exact content they saw in their ads, and how it was categorized by Zefr.

It’s been long argued by advertisers to be more in control of where their ads appear on the internet and that the big social media companies do little to keep their ads from being displayed in conjunction with fake news, hate speech as well as other controversial content.

A large number of companies joined the protest against Facebook on July 10, 2020, as a protest against anti-racism demonstrations across the US.

After a couple of weeks, Meta promised to offer tools to “better control advertising adjacency.”

In the near future, Samantha Stetson Meta’s vice president for Client Association and Trade Relationships with Industry states that Meta will introduce specific restrictions to allow marketers to express their preferences.

Stetson added that preliminary tests did not show notable differences in performance or cost with more restrictive settings. She added that test subjects were “pleasantly shocked

She also warned that Meta’s auction-based ad platform and its inventory reduction may alter the dynamic of pricing.

Beginning this year these controls are accessible on the web in English and Spanish and plans are to expand the service to other countries as well as the company’s Reels Stories, Reels, and video ad formats.

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