How to write a job application email

You’ve found the perfect job and you’re ready to apply – exciting times (hopefully) lie ahead! Make the right first impression with a persuasive job application email that presents you as a professional, polished and interview-worthy candidate. In this article, you’ll find out how to do just that!

Why might you need to send a job application email?

There are various reasons why you might find yourself applying for a job by email:

  • You’re applying to a small company.
    Small companies are less likely to use online application portals and will instead ask potential candidates to email their applications.
  • You want to support an application submitted online. If you’ve already submitted an online application and can find the hiring manager’s email address, you may wish to introduce yourself via email and notify them of your application.
  • You’re applying speculatively. If no job has been advertised but you’re keen to work for the company, a well-timed job application email could lead to employment if there are vacancies in the pipeline. If not, the company may keep your details on file for a while in case any suitable roles arise.

Getting started

Assuming you’ve found the correct email address for the hiring manager and have
prepared your CV, you’re ready to get started. But how should you address the email? “Hi” could be construed as too informal, “Dear Sir / Madam” too old-fashioned, “Dear hiring manager” too faceless… it’s a minefield out there! Take your cue from the organisation itself. For a start-up, you’ll probably get away with “Hi”, if you’re contacting a senior executive at a multinational corporation you might want to err on the side of caution with “Dear Mr…”. Remember, though, that email is generally considered a less formal option than a letter so you can’t go far wrong by simply using the recipient’s first name.

The main body of the email

No-one has time to read a lengthy epistle, so keep your email to the point. State why you’re emailing and summarise your key credentials for the role. If you’re attaching a CV or
cover letter, it’s a good idea to point your reader towards them.

Attach a cover letter or paste it into the email?

There’s no right or wrong on this question. If you attach the cover letter as an email, it has the benefit of retaining the format of a formal letter. You can also go into a bit more detail (remember, the email should be kept short and to-the-point). However, pasting the cover letter into the body of the email also has benefits, as the reader is presented with the information immediately rather than having to click on an attachment – which they may delay until they have more time. Ultimately, you should do whatever you think will present your
personal application for each specific role in the best light. #

Signing off the email

There’s no need for a job application email to include “Yours faithfully” or “Yours sincerely” – it’s too formal for the medium. You may like to consider including one or more of the following in your sign-off:

  • A call to action. What should the reader do next if they’re interested in your application? Encourage them to call or email you, or suggest they review your attached CV.
  • Appreciation. You could thank the reader for their time or consideration. Manners cost nothing and make the right impression.
  • Enthusiasm. Reiterate your enthusiasm for the role or company.

Simple job application email samples

Below, you’ll find some job application email examples for different scenarios. Don’t be tempted to copy them word-for-word – personalised emails are by far the best option. But do take them as inspiration to help you craft your own email.

Job application email for a small company

Dear Luiz,

Please find attached my CV and cover letter for the vacancy of Nursery Assistant, which I saw advertised on Indeed. As you can see, I have a Level 3 childcare qualification backed up with 4 years’ relevant experience as a Childminder.

Please don’t hesitate to call me on 07890 123456 if you have any questions about my application. I look forward to meeting you to discuss my suitability further at interview stage.

Thank you for your consideration,


Email to support an online job application

Hi David,

Having recently submitted an online application for the post of Administration Assistant at ABC Ltd, I wanted to introduce myself and reiterate my credentials and interest in the role. I have over 10 years’ experience in administration. During this time, I’ve introduced new processes to increase efficiency and received an award for my contribution to the company.

The role at ABC Ltd is particularly appealing to me, as it is a top-rated employer with an outstanding reputation in the industry. I look forward to progressing my career with you and have attached my CV for your convenience.


Speculative job application email


I am writing to enquire whether you may have any forthcoming vacancies in your sales department. I combine an 8-year career in office supply sales with a reputation for consistently exceeding my sales targets. In the last quarter, I onboarded 3 new corporate clients and grew revenue by £25,000 by upselling to existing clients.

I’ve attached my CV and cover letter and am available any time on 07890 123456 to answer any questions you may have about my application. If there are no suitable vacancies available in the near future, please do feel free to keep my details on file should anything arise in the future.

With thanks,


Fingers crossed!

Now you’ve written a professional and persuasive email to accompany your job application, sit back with a cup of tea and cross your fingers for a positive outcome soon! While you wait, keep applying for other jobs and polishing your CV and LinkedIn profile.

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