How to use your laptop as a monitor-Guide 2023

Greetings! Have you ever planned to use your computer as a monitor and improve your productivity? Let me share one thing with you. Although it is an outdated plan that does not follow current trends, using your laptop as a monitor can have multiple benefits.

The controversial side of things: I agree with the rule that once sugar, eggs, and flour are combined to make a cake, it is very difficult to return the cake to its parts!

Here are the best ways to use a laptop as a monitor. Or how to cut your cake in half? ).

Although it isn’t an easy task to create your monitor-laptop combo, your productivity will be greatly improved once you do.

The most exciting thing about this how to use your laptop as a monitor guide 2023

You’ll be able to make your monitor-laptop setup by reading this article. You heard it right. HDMI cables are no longer necessary to connect your electronic devices. I can’t remember when I last saw HDMI output/input cables for this purpose. You can also find a detailed guide on using Synergy to make the connection!

Easiest guide – use your home network with a lot of tools only!

Many applications can be used to accomplish this. The most user-friendly of these are Synergy and Share Mouse. They will be presented one at a time, and I will also present the best for you.


Synergy is the most popular application that creates a combination of a monitor and a laptop. It works like magic, according to the developers of the app! It works with all versions of laptops and is simple to use. Synergy also includes an auto-configuration tool as well as a network wizard. These are the steps to help you use Synergy.

To download the application, visit any setup provider site.

  • Once the loading has been completed, click on Binaries.
  • Next, choose your OS (e.g., The operating system.
  • USE THESE TO GO WITH YOUR RESPECTIVE LAPTOP MODELS..rpm is for Linux,.gz is for Mac OS X.exe Windows XP.
  • Save the file.

After installing the file, now you need to set up your client.

  • Click on the Client button and enter the server’s name in the text box.
  • Go to advanced settings and enter your name.
  • Click on the + button in the upper left corner to open a new window. Add your screen name (Client’s Name) and the screen name of the server.
  • Exit the screen and the window.

You now need to set up your server.

  • Move the machine near the client.
  • Synergy can be downloaded and installed in the same way as the client machine.
  • Click on the button next to ‘Share this computer’s keyboard and Mouse in the window.
  • This machine is now the server for controlling other computers.
  • Click on the + button at the upper left corner of your window to add the server name and client screen names. Your screen name will be the server’s name.
  • Exit the screen and go to the windows.

The last step, set up the screen sharing.

  • Open the synergy app on the server. Scroll down to the screens column. You will find a link called ‘Links’ at the bottom.
  • The server and client must know their respective directions to establish a link. Scroll down to the first box under links. Choose the direction between the client’s computer and the server. Select the server name in the first drop-down box and the client name in the third.
  • Click on the + button in the upper left corner of your window (for the last promise?). Invert the inputs. It would help if you typed the client’s name in the same place where you wrote the client’s name. YES, WE ARE DONE!

GUYS! Although Synergy doesn’t come free, there are nice bundles. You can get the basic version for $10 or the pro version for $29. Both versions are lifetime licenses. There is no need to be concerned about expiry dates.

Share Mouse- Easy and free

It includes an interactive monitor manager as well as a drag-and-drop tool. To allow you to concentrate on the screen in front of you, a screen fade feature was added. This Youtube tutorial will guide you through the entire process.

Share Mouse’s best feature is its non-commercial use. You can connect up to two screens at once and multitask with ease. Professional use: Up to 19 connections between screens can be made for 49 dollars


  • Licenses are valid for life.
  • Get free updates and other services for professional use.
  • Optional password authorization available for extra security
  • Only some bytes are used, no network slowdown.
  • This is the final and most exciting application for Commercial Use.

MULTIPLICITY – Connect up to 50 screens!

This is the best choice for Elite Club members looking for a well-designed User Interface with advanced features and the application’s working.

The trial period is free, but you will need to choose a license package after that expires. This would cost 19.99 dollars. The total cost for up to 50 screens is 325 dollars.

This application is great for businesses and companies that need monitor sharing. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who uses their laptop as a monitor.

You might have a good idea of which tools you will use to monitor your laptop. This guide will help you choose from multiple options, even if you are annoyed by cables.


I’ve prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will answer many of your questions!

Which methods are best for gaming?

Yes, I have an article for gamers. These tools are not recommended for creating a monitor-laptop gaming connection.

How many days is Multiplicity on a free trial for?

The application can be used for up to 30 days.

Shared Mouse requires a constant internet connection.

You do not need to have a connection for screening setup or licensing.

Is share mouse free?

Yes, Share Mouse is available for two-screen connections.

Does Synergy have a Clipboard?

Yes, you can access a clipboard from any screen connected to it.

Is synergy compatible with MAC?

Yes, Synergy works with Mac, Linux, and Windows Operating Systems. It’s my absolute favorite!


Multitasking has never been easier. There is no need to adjust the screen ratios of Chrome and Microsoft Word.

  • You will need space to organize all your tasks.
  • You can save time and energy. (Is your laptop getting hot too quickly?)
  • Continue to improve the number of features.
  • Prioritize your work according to your needs.

This article will show you how to set up a connection with minimal external resources.

I hope you don’t watch movies on your laptop while simultaneously working on your computer. This will decrease productivity rather than increase it. You might also want your laptop to be connected to a television.


A monitor-laptop connection will be a huge help if you’re a worker, like someone who uses CAD or Language software. This will increase the work you do and impress your boss and raise your salary!?

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