Google may reveal the foldable Pixel in the next few months

It’s not always an absolute certainty for I/O. After the recent pandemics, there’s nothing that feels like an unassailable fact nowadays. After what seemed to be an all-over year of decline for consumer electronics we’re looking forward to big things for shows that focus on developers such as I/O as well as WWDC.

Google’s low-cost Pixel 7a has looked like a slam-dunk for a long time, while the long-awaited Pixel Tablet seemed a distinct possibility (at minimum, some stage time and if not a complete launch). Recently, in the past few months and weeks, the possibility of a foldable phone is beginning to appear increasingly probable.

Important background information here. In the beginning, Google introduced the possibility of folding screens for Android in the year 2018. It was evident that Samsung was both the major partner and the recipient back at the time and Google was determined to create Android development as easy as it could be for other OEMs in examining the potential of this form factor.

Google may reveal the foldable Pixel

The next calendar year Google folded patents were released. As adults, we’re in this room, and we all know that patents don’t necessarily mean that the company is developing a product. However, they are a crucial informational point in this tale. Since then folding devices have started to gather momentum beyond Samsung’s orbit. Samsung orbit. I was truly amazed by the variety of models that were in the halls of MWC at the beginning of March.

Google naturally was undergoing its own transformation of hardware some time ago. After a long period of struggle and some identity problems, The company finally decided to think about launching a flagship device handset with its Pixel 6, right down to its own silicon. The Pixel had significant growth in market share, however, it is still a tiny drop in its overall North American smartphone market.

A new set of reports suggest a book-style folding device which is believed to be on the I/O schedule around three weeks from the moment. The shape has been compared with Oppo’s foldable model as opposed to the more compact Samsung Fold variety. It also has a resemblance to Microsoft’s former Duo however the Duo system was split-screen instead of foldable. There is a rumor that Google is contemplating the “Pixel Notepad” name. Maybe it’s just the age in Galaxy Notes, but that is a scream of “stylus” to me.

Another report puts the price at around $1,400expensive by any sensible amount but between Samsung’s Galaxy Flip ($999) and Fold ($1,800). Some rumors place the price at a higher level than the Galaxy Folds.

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