Google Bard AI can now generate and debug codes

Google Bard conversation AI tool now helps software developers with programming. It can help them generate code, fix bugs and explain code. These new features were added to meet user requests.

Google Research Product Leader Paige Bailey’s Friday blog posted by shows that coding is one of the most requested features from Google users.

Google has announced the launching of software development tools in over 20 languages. These include C++, Go, and JavaScript. Users can export Python to Google Colab. Bard can help you write functions for Google Sheets.

Bard – the generative AI project that Google launched earlier in the year – can now help users to debug their code line by line. Google said that developers could use Bard to tell it, “This code did not work; please fix it,” and it will assist in debugging.

The program also explains code snippets and can translate from one language into another. This is an excellent feature for newbies to programming.

Google Bard chatgpt

TE Conducted its tests on the performance of chatbots, and Bard could not keep up with other AI models. This latest set could help Bard keep pace with ChatGPT — at least on paper.

Another question is how well Bard can create, translate, and debug codes.

Bailey warns in her blog that Bard is a new experiment. It “may present inaccurate, misleading, or false information confidently while it may be inaccurate, misleading, or false.”

Bard can give developers incomplete or non-working code.

Bard offers new ways to code, create test cases, and update APIs. Bailey wrote: “If Bard quotes from an open source project in its entirety, it will give the source.”

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