End the Silence: Ask for Help with Mental Health with Thom Singer

Podcast 329 – End the Silence: Ask for Help with Mental Health with Thom Singer


In this episode, I am speaking with my buddy Thom Singer. I have known Thom for 15 or more years. I met with Thom when I was in Austin in May 2023, and he told me that he had recorded a TEDx talk called I Did That. One of the key points in his TEDx talk is it is alright to ask for help especially as it relates to mental health issues. This discussion about mental health is one of the most consequential discussions I have had on this podcast. Please listen to all of it.

When I was in Austin in May of 2023, I had a coffee or beer with 10 individuals and 6 of them discussed some form of mental health issues that they were having or someone close to them was having.

One of those was Thom. Thom’s speaking business completely collapsed during the pandemic. I had Thom on the podcast during that time to track what he was doing to recover. The last time I had Thom on the podcast was in episode #255 in January of 2022 called Learning How to Adapt and Get Scrappy with Your Career with Thom Singer.

Thom did a lot of different stuff to keep his career going. It took its toll on him in so many ways.

What I want you to get from this episode is there are a lot of people out there suffering from various forms of mental health issues. It might be someone you care about or it might be you. It is okay to ask for help.

I have sought out help at various times in my life with my own mental health issues and Thom did the same.

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