Employment Counsel (Fixed Term Contract)

In the realm of professional commitment and legal expertise, the role of Employment Counsel within a Fixed Term Contract assumes paramount significance. This specialized position navigates the intricate landscape of labor and employment laws, providing essential counsel to human resources and diverse corporate units.

In this tenure-bound capacity, professionals must delicately balance the scales of legality and corporate growth, crafting and interpreting employment policies, contracts, and regulations. With a foundation rooted in legal acumen and a commitment to fostering an inclusive and compliant corporate environment, Employment Counsel plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of both an organization’s workforce and its enduring success.


About Us:

Established in 2012, ByteDance’s mission is to ignite creativity and enhance existence. With a comprehensive array of over a dozen products, including TikTok, Helo, and Resso, in addition to platforms tailored to the Chinese market, such as Toutiao, Douyin, and Xigua, ByteDance has facilitated seamless and more enjoyable ways for individuals to engage with, consume, and craft content.

Why Join Us:

Creation constitutes the heart of ByteDance’s purpose. Our products are meticulously designed to nurture creativity. This principle holds doubly true for the teams that drive our innovations. Collectively, we kindle creativity and enhance existence—a mission we diligently pursue every day. To us, each challenge, irrespective of its ambiguity, represents an opportunity: an opportunity to learn, innovate, and evolve as a unified team. Embracing the status quo? Never. Fostering courage? Always. At ByteDance, we collaborate in creation and thrive together. That’s how we generate meaningful influence—for ourselves, our corporation, and the users we cater to. Join us.

About the Team:

The Legal division at ByteDance India consists of a compact assembly of exceptionally skilled individuals. The objective of this division is to facilitate the expansion of ByteDance’s operations in the South Asia and Middle East region. This division also lends support for cross-functional cooperation in realms such as policy formulation, corporate governance, privacy, and financial affairs. As a tightly-knit collective, our ambition is to cultivate each team member into an all-encompassing corporate and specialized legal expert spanning this region, as exemplified by this role, which encompasses employment and labor law concerns throughout the South Asia region.

This constitutes a fixed-term commitment for a duration of 12 months, based in Gurgaon.


  • Dispense legal counsel to the human resources division and other corporate segments regarding an extensive spectrum of labor and employment matters.
  • Compose and assess employment-related regulations, procedures, employment contracts, and employee correspondence.
  • Formulate employment policies and procedures on a consistent basis and advocate for requisite modifications as deemed fit.
  • Oversee and/or offer counsel on internal employee inquiries, including those related to discipline, grievances, and performance matters.
  • Counsel on structuring employee benefits and incentives in alignment with pertinent regulations and the prevalent benchmarks and industry norms, thereby ensuring good corporate governance.
  • Spearhead the legal and compliance strategy concerning labor laws, in conjunction with global entities, and provide counsel.
  • Create novel HR documentation templates, aligning them with global standards and congruence.
  • Provide guidance on disciplinary affairs, while also identifying and supporting specific training sessions and workshops for multifunctional teams.


  • Possession of a Law Degree from a distinguished Indian university.
  • 3 years of pertinent experience in employment and labor laws.
  • Exceptional analytical and communication proficiencies (both written and verbal).
  • Proficiency in multitasking, an aptitude for sound judgment, adeptness at adhering to time-sensitive deadlines, and excellence in collaborative work.
  • Outstanding research skills and a knack for problem resolution.
  • Experience within the technology, telecommunications, and/or media sectors would be advantageous.

In the event that candidates confront technical complications while submitting applications via our official career portal, CVs can be dispatched via email to chris.zhen@bytedance.com. Only those candidates who are shortlisted will receive notifications.

ByteDance is dedicated to establishing an inclusive environment where employees are recognized for their competencies, experiences, and unique viewpoints. Our platform brings together individuals from across the globe, and our workplace mirrors this diversity. At ByteDance, our mission is to spark creativity and enrich lives. In pursuit of this objective, we are resolute in our commitment to celebrating the diversity of voices within our organization and fostering an environment that resonates with the numerous communities we connect with. We are passionate about this endeavor and hope that you share our enthusiasm.

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