How to Unlock Dell Keyboard on Laptop?

Dell Keyboard Locked

A Dell keyboard locked on a laptop can be annoying and prevent you from working efficiently with the device. If your Keypad isn’t functioning properly, typing may not be possible, or some keys might not function due to hardware or software issues or accidental keystrokes. Finding a solution to this problem is essential when using your laptop for professional or personal work.

Dell Keyboard Locked

One common cause for keyboard lock-up can be accidental key hits that activate “Fn” mode on a laptop. In this mode, all keys other than the “Fn” key are disabled, and users must hit either “Fn” in combination with other function keys to perform specific actions. Other causes could include software issues like driver conflicts or software conflicts which prevent keyboard functionality when needed.

No matter the cause, there are a few solutions to unlock the Dell laptop keyboard and restore normal use. These can range from basic troubleshooting steps like looking for physical obstructions or restarting the device to more complex fixes such as upgrading drivers or performing a system restore. With the right strategy in place, however, you should quickly resolve your issue and return to using your laptop as intended.

There could be several reasons why your Dell laptop’s keyboard locks and won’t respond.

  • Someone has intentionally or accidentally blocked the keyboard.
  • Drivers whose licenses are out-of-date
  • Fn, Num & Scrl Lock
  • The keyboard was physically damaged (both keys).
  • Problems occur with the power adapter.

How Do I Unlock Dell Keyboard?

  • The Quick Fix – Reboot your computer
  • For the simplest and fastest solution, restart your laptop.
  • Clicking the mouse will shut down your computer – Windows 10/11 laptop. Please wait two minutes before restarting it.
  • If your mouse isn’t responding, press the power button to shut it off. Keep pressing for over five seconds to shut down your Dell laptop completely.

Unlock Keys Custom Fit to Dell Laptop.

  • If a few keys on your Dell laptop aren’t functioning properly, it is essential to identify and resolve the problem. Most likely, these are related to Fn or the number key and scroll lock keys.
  • If your Dell laptop has a numeric keypad, but those keys aren’t working, try activating the number lock key.
  • If the functions keys on your Dell laptop aren’t functioning, press Fn + Esc to enable the keys.
  • On my Dell Latitude laptop, if it’s impossible to activate it by holding F2, F3, and F4 until I hit F12, you are locked out. To unlock it, while pressing the Fn key, press Esc; this will enable you to use your Fn key again.
  • Once I have that, I can hold Fn and hit F2 and F3 keys to access useful functions within Windows and Linux OSes.

How can I disable the scroll lock on Dell laptops?

Does anyone know how to turn off this feature on their Dell laptop?

You usually won’t notice a scroll lock (Scr lk) key on your Dell laptop. But if it’s on and preventing you from moving the cursor in Excel or any other program, confirming whether this lock is enabled is essential.

Search for the keyboard on your screen.

How can I disable the scroll lock on Dell laptops

Look at this keyboard to determine if any keys have been in use and are active. In this example, the scroll lock (and Num lock) are both enabled on the Dell laptop. To disable them, press the key with your cursor.

Remember that when your laptop’s physical keyboard fails, try using the onscreen keyboard to complete any urgent or important tasks.

The keyboard on the screen can be controlled through the ‘Ease-of-Access centre.’

Let’s move to the next troubleshooting stage if none of these options works for unlocking your Dell laptop’s keyboard.

Num Lock Key

Numeric lock keys work similarly to Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys, enabling users to tuck away their Numeric Keypad away wholly.

Num Lock Key

You can locate the Num lock key on the top right-hand edge of a Dell keyboard, usually identified by its closed padlock.

The Num lock features an LED, illuminating whether the key is turned on or off. However, you may not find this feature on all Dell laptops; nonetheless, it’s worth noting.

Many people become concerned when their number pad or Dell keyboard stop working. You could be one of them.

Remember, if the right side of your Dell keyboard appears to be locked or inoperable, this could indicate that the Num locks key may not be functioning correctly and must be turned on.

Uninstall all keyboard drivers and update

To access Device Manager in Windows 11, navigate to Computer Management  Device Manager.

Add a keyboard area and remove all drivers for keyboards here. Delete internal and external drivers, then restart your laptop so Windows OS can detect and install the appropriate driver.

Uninstall all keyboard drivers and update.

Once the keyboard drivers have been uninstalled, reboot your computer and test out your laptop keyboard.

Verify the keyboard driver is up-to-date.

  • Even after rebooting, if the keyboard still doesn’t function, it is essential to upgrade the driver.
  • Right-click your keyboard and select the Update driver option.
  • Select ‘Search auto-pilot to find drivers,’ and the press continues. Windows will search for and install the most recent driver.
  • An accurate driver update will allow your keyboard to function normally.
  • Additionally, go to Dell Driver Site and enter your laptop serial number to download the necessary driver for Windows Operating System.
  • Downloading the correct keyboard driver from Dell’s official website to identify your laptop model will likely resolve the problem more effectively than simply upgrading Windows drivers.
  • Additionally, you are strongly advised to download the most up-to-date chipset driver for your laptop.

Dell Keyboard Damaged

Sometimes it’s easier to accept the truth. If you’ve exhausted all other options for unlocking your laptop keyboard and nothing works, it’s time to accept that your keyboard is defective.

Should your laptop fall, splashing water over its Dell keyboard could damage it. Confirm the power and battery adapter settings.

I’ve personally encountered this on Dell laptops. The keyboard and mouse may respond differently if there’s an issue with your laptop’s power adapter. If you suspect this to be the case for your particular situation, disconnect the power adapter and check again.

If desired, disconnect the laptop’s battery and connect it to an adapter. Finally, turn up the machine and confirm that your keyboard works properly.

Update BIOS

Updating BIOS can be complex, but any regular user can manage it after carefully reading the instructions.

As mentioned, visit this Dell driver download site to download the correct BIOS version for your laptop (serial number).

Windows OS can be used for BIOS updating, but don’t disrupt the process or your laptop’s power when upgrading its BIOS.

Once updated, check both older and current BIOS versions to gain access to your Dell laptop keyboard.

Check for hardware damage

A potential hardware malfunction or loss of connectivity could leave your Dell laptop keyboard not functioning as expected. To diagnose the issue and take any necessary action, utilize Dell Diagnostic Tool initially.

This can help identify any hardware or loose connections. If necessary, take them to a service centre for repair.

Enhance Your Computer’s System Efficiency

Optimizing your system can increase the performance of your laptop and eliminate non-responsive keyboards. Here are the steps you can take to enhance your computer’s speed.

  • Select the Start button on your laptop.
  • Select “Shut Down.” Once the laptop has been shut down, turn it back on again.
  • Press F12 to access The Boot Menu once your laptop boots up. If this appears, then your machine appears to have no mechanical issues.
  • Navigate to “Diagnostics” in the Boot Menu and enter for a comprehensive system scan.
  • Press “Esc” to stop the scan and click”Next.” From the component menu, selects “Keyboard,” which will focus the scan on your keyboard.
  • If you encounter errors, note them and contact Dell support to seek assistance.
  • If the scan is unsuccessful in detecting errors, proceed with the next steps for optimizing your system.

Run a System Scan

If rebooting your computer did not resolve the problem and disengaging the Fn key did not help, the locked keyboard may have more complex causes. There is still one possible course of action you can take.

  • In such cases, running an extensive scan on your laptop is wise.
  • To perform a system-wide scan, turn off your system. When it restarts (when you see your Dell logo again), press the F12 button.
  • Your screen should display several different performances so you can test them out.
  • Select “Diagnostics,” then hit enter.
  • Now your laptop should begin an all-system scan. While this may seem intimidating initially, rest assured: Dell laptops are designed to help internally solve common problems and either self-correct or generate a report indicating whether the issue is more severe.
  • You will receive an error message if there’s an issue with your keyboard.

Note down the error message and contact Dell customer service. With the code they receive after scanning your device, they can accurately determine the extent of the issue and whether or not a fix is possible.

Hard Reset Your Dell Laptop 8

Before opting to take your Dell laptop in for service, reset its settings first and then replace the keyboard.

  • Many users could unlock their Dell laptop keyboard after hard resetting it.
  • It consists of several steps.
  • Disconnect the power adapter.
  • Remove your laptop’s battery (if it’s an internal one) by carefully unplugging it.
  • Press your power button down for 20-30 seconds.

Reinstall the battery

Ensure your laptop’s power is on; one option could help unlock the Dell keyboard when locked. Determine whether or not specific keys are functioning properly and follow troubleshooting procedures accordingly.

Suppose you cannot solve your Dell laptop keyboard locking problem using the above steps. In that case, a physical hardware issue may need to be resolved by an experienced laptop repair centre or technician.

  • Reach Out for Customer Assistance
  • Customers can reach out for help whenever needed.
  • Once you’ve run a diagnostic scan and your laptop still fails to display an error message, it could be time for you to contact customer service for assistance.
  • Dell laptops have been built to be durable and reliable for years. But if your keyboard remains locked after trying the tips above to fix the issue, then there may be a more serious issue that needs to be handled by an experienced computer technician.
  • A qualified computer technician can further investigate the issue with your keyboard and offer sound advice on what steps can be taken to restore it to optimal working order.

They may suggest taking your computer to a trusted Dell Laptop repair service if they are unable to diagnose and resolve the problem remotely.

My Dell keyboard locked isn’t working properly – why?

There could be several reasons why your keyboard may not be functioning properly, including the following:

Physical Obstructions: Dust, dirt, or even debris could block keys from functioning properly and prevent their use.

Software Issues: Outdated or damaged keyboard drivers and an application conflict can cause your computer to malfunction.

Hardware Fault A malfunctioning keyboard or an unfastened connection between it and your laptop can significantly restrict its usability.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Inadvertently pressing keys like the “Function Lock” mode or “Num Lock” may disable certain functions on your keyboard.

Problems with power or batteries cause keyboard malfunction.

Diagnosing and identifying an issue’s source is essential to resolve it effectively.


How do I unlock my Dell keyboard? Dell keyboard locked?

To unlock your Dell keyboard, press either “Function Lock” (also known as Fn) or any F1 through F12 keys with an icon of a padlock on them. This will unlock your keyboard.

How can I reboot my Dell computer back into operation mode?

If your Dell keyboard is malfunctioning, try using your laptop’s power switch or connecting its USB or wireless transmitter to turn it on.

What caused me to lock my keyboard accidentally?

Have you ever accidentally locked your keyboard by pressing either “Function Lock” or the “Function Lock” key or using a keyboard shortcut with similar features like “Num Lock” or “Scroll Lock?”

What is the function key that unlocks my keyboard?

The function key that unlocks the keyboard depends on the laptop model and settings. On some laptops, pressing either “Function Lock” or “Num Lock” together with “Fn” can unlock the keyboard.

How do you escape a keyboard lock?

To break out of a keyboard lock, there are several methods.

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