DDR3 Motherboard for Desktop PC,DDR3 1066/1333/1600,Intel H81Chipset,Support Core I7 I5 I3 CPU,Support Intel Socket 1150 Processor,PCIEx16/SATA2.0/Audio/USB/VGA/HDMI Interface

Price: $68.36
(as of Jan 13,2023 04:40:05 UTC – Details)

Item Type: Desktop Motherboard
Material: PCB Board
Model: For Intel H81
Main Chipset: For Intel H81
CPU Slot Type: Supports for Intel Socket 1150 Interface Processor
CPU Support: Core I7/i5/i3/pentium/celeron
Memory Type: DDR3
Memory Description: Single Dual Channel DDR3 1066/1333/1600 Memory
Integrated Chip: Graphics Card, Sound Card, Network Card
Audio Chip: For Alc Six Channel Integrated Audio Chip
Graphics Chip: CPU Built in Display Chip (Requires CPU Support)
Video Interface: VGA, High Definition Multimedia Interface
Graphics Slot: PCIE
IDE Slot: None
FDD Slot: None
External Port: VGA, High Definition Multimedia Interface, USB, Audio Interface, Network Card
SATA Interface: 4 x SATA II Interfaces
Memory Slot: 2 x DDR3 DIMM
Board Type: Micro ATX Board Type
Power Socket: 1 x 4pin, 1 x 24pin Power Connector
Built in Battery: For CR2032L Button Battery (Built in Battery)
Battery Capacity: 240mAh

Note: The above description is for reference only, the actual version number and details may be changed, please refer to the actual product, but the main CPU memory interface and functions remain unchanged.

Does not boot:
When I press the power button to start the computer, the fan and Q-LED indicator/Q-CODE have no response. Please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot
1. Follow the above troubleshooting steps to confirm the motherboard power supply to confirm whether the power adapter is correctly plugged into the ATX power interface
2. Keep the CPU, CPU cooling fan and a separate RAM display on the motherboard. Remove all USB devices and external cards from the motherboard, including mice, keyboards, card readers, flash drives, external hard drives, and external PCI-E cards. Remove all cables from the motherboard, including network cables, audio cables and display cables (High Definition Multimedia Interface, VGA, DVI, DP). Then try to turn on the computer. If it can be turned on normally, the problem may lie in the removed external device. Reconnect the external devices one by one until it is determined which external device or wire is causing the problem
3. Try to clear CMOS
[Expansion Slot] The desktop motherboard includes a PCIEx16 graphics slot, 4 SATA2.0 ports, and multiple USB3.0/2.0 slots.
[Three Phase Power Supply] Has 4 pin power interface and 24 pin power interface, equipped with three phase power supply mode, has excellent performance.
[Good Expansion Space] Uses sophisticated production technology, has good compatibility and expansion space, does not occupy system memory.
[Output] With a good performance High Definition Multimedia Interface graphics card, supporting VGA and High Definition Multimedia Interface dual output.
[CPU Support] The motherboard integrates sound and display network cards, supports for Core I7 I5 I3, for Pentium, for Celeron.

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