Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Health taps Oracle to improve care for patients

The utilization of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will enable Mubadala Health to swiftly access the patient information for thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians which will improve patients’ experience and outcomes.

Mubadala Health has entered a strategic partnership with Oracle and Oracle Cloud, which will let Mubadala Health benefit from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that is available within the Oracle Cloud Dubai Region to manage their electronic health records (EHR) software, Oracle Cerner.

“We are thrilled to have signed this significant agreement and to have established such an important relationship with Oracle,” said Khalid Al Amadi, Senior Director, Informatics and Integration at Mubadala Health.

“This milestone agreement is another step in our digital transformation journey and will allow for exponential improvements in the way care is provided to the community.”

The agreement will enhance Mubadala Health’s plans to include new technologies, improve services for patients and create easier access to medical information for healthcare providers. The aim of the partnership is to promote the development of healthcare partnerships within the region.

OCI’s use of OCI will allow Mubadala Health to swiftly access information on patient care for a large number of staff and clinicians which will improve patient satisfaction and the outcomes of treatment.

Abu Dhabi's Mubadala Health

The change is expected to increase the number of users concurrently to more than 10,000 and will enable innovative ways of delivering care that require real-time coordination as well as information exchange between different healthcare providers, patients, and different locations in the nation. Utilizing Oracle Health’s EHR through OCI will also allow the network to grow to other locations, such as Mubadala Health Dubai as well as Imperial College London Diabetes Centre because of its capacity to scale.

As per Al Amadi, Mubadala Health plans to be a leader in improving interoperability within our healthcare systems. “This is expected to enhance clinical experiences and accelerate cutting-edge innovations thereby helping advance better patient health outcomes.”

Utilizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the Dubai Region to operate its Cerner EHR, Mubadala Health is set to experience new innovations that will improve the efficiency of both financial and operational aspects.

These advances cover a variety of solutions, such as networking, computing, storage databases, analytics mobile, and other solutions which will increase the level of service protection, while also reducing costs in hardware, upgrades to storage servers, and licensing. Furthermore, it will be able to benefit from continuous monitoring and management to ensure maximum performance.

“Our collaboration with Mubadala Health is a testament to how we are supporting healthcare systems to become more digitized, connected, and interoperable,” said Travis Dalton, executive vice president of Oracle Health.

With OCI, Mubadala Health will be better able to manage its growing patient volumes, help reduce operational costs, and provide clinicians with better access to information to help improve care.”

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