Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a successful business that brings in profits? In this article, we will explore some of the most lucrative business ideas that can help you generate money and establish a thriving venture. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a newbie in the entrepreneurial world, these carefully selected business ideas are worth considering. So, let’s dive in!

Although jumping on a brand-new trend is sometimes dangerous, it is also profitable. Many of the suggestions on this list are likely growing in popularity lately. Some have been around for some time and are more competitive but less risky. But, the small business ideas in this article can help you make money.

32 of the best business concepts for 2023

This list is perfect if you’ve been thinking about which business to begin. According to small-business statistics, one of the main motives for opening your own business is the possibility of being the boss of your own business. Being a business owner allows you to work whenever, wherever, and how you’d like.

Are you interested in working on a beach or at your grandma’s home? You can do it; no one can stop you or ask questions about it. It’s the kind of that many dreams to experience one day because, thanks to fantastic business concepts, living that life is within possibility.

Let’s have a look at the following list of business ideas that will earn you money by 2023:

1. Dropshipping

Are you planning to sell products online but need more money to purchase and store inventory? Consider dropshipping! Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model where you do not have to handle physical items.

You must establish an online store and work with suppliers to store, pack, and deliver orders to your customers. There’s no need to devote long hours researching products since you can use dropshipping software such as Automizely to discover great products to offer.

Look at this dropshipping training course by Shopify to get more information about selling on the internet without inventory. If you’re looking for easy online business ideas, Finding something that beats dropshipping is challenging. Dropshipping is among the easiest businesses to start if you possess the appropriate products and services.

The primary reason that many people choose dropshipping is that they do not need to store inventory. If, however, holding inventory is fine (maybe there’s plenty of space in the closet that you don’t need), it’s worth purchasing wholesale products.

Marketplaces such as Handshake allow small-scale businesses to discover exclusive, high-quality goods and develop lasting connections with suppliers. It’s worth looking into as an alternative to drop shipping if you already have a clear idea of what you wish to market.

2. Print on Demand

Consider printing on demand for those looking to find ideas for your business.

Print on Demand (POD) is the process of selling your designs on phone cases, mugs and t-shirts. However, the item needs to be printed with your artwork. Instead, you partner with companies who print your design on the product. They also package and deliver the product to your client, so you don’t need to worry about logistics. You only pay when you’ve sold your items. No sales equals no costs.

One of the easiest methods to start is to set up your own Shopify store and install an app for POD, such as Printify. In advertising, working with Instagram influencers to promote your POD products is an excellent method of reaching out to customers. To determine if print-at-demand printing is ideal for your needs, look at our video, where we dive into a lively discussion with Wholesale Ted (a print-on-demand company).

3. Translation

Multilingual individuals are always in high demand, and if you communicate in at least two languages, think about setting up a small-scale business where you can earn money by selling your talents.

Search to find clients via Upwork and Flexjobs and gradually increase your portfolio. If you can successfully work in more businesses, You can hire translators specializing in different languages to ease the burden off your list. Advertising your business through social media sites is essential to reach a broader market.

Are you short of time to spare in a day? Translation is among the best side ventures to explore, as it allows you to plan your clients according to the time you can work.

4. Website Flipping

Website Flipping business ideas

Flipping websites is one of the latest business concepts that has enthralled everyone from working-at-home parents to recent graduates. It involves purchasing an operating website, enhancing the design and content of the site, and then selling it at profits.

There are a variety of websites where you can buy websites to sell for an income. Marketplaces like Shopify’s Exchange, for example, offer the possibility of buying online stores that you can further enhance through content marketing, SEO, and other strategies. When your website begins to earn more money than it did when you first purchased it, you can put it for auction in the market.

5. Home-based Catering

If you’re gifted with cooking and use it to express your creativity, it is possible to earn an adequate income through the establishment of catering from your home.

The initial investment depends on the size you’d like the set-up to be. If, for instance, you begin with smaller events that you can manage by yourself, you can launch your company for less.

Most home-based caterers begin by establishing websites, trying out local food markets or registering on platforms that allow chefs to profit from their culinary expertise.

6. Dog Walking

It’s difficult for a person to stay on top of their furry companion, especially dogs with high energy levels and little outdoor access. As a professional dog walker, you’ll help pet owners across the city keep their dogs content, healthy, and active.

Dog walking requires no beginning investments aside from marketing and insurance for liability. This can protect you from injuries, bites, and unexpected lawsuits. It’s best to charge rates that reflect the cost of insurance, which ranges from $30 to $60 an hour.

You can create an online presence for your dog-walking business on several platforms, such as Wag!, Rover, and Care.com. Offer discounts for new customers and establish a good image by asking for feedback from clients you’ve worked with.

7. Virtual assistance

The most profitable business strategy is to provide Virtual Assistant services. Every business, from big corporations to solopreneurs, needs assistance in the day-to-day management of their businesses. Your excellent organizational skills lift the burden off of their shoulders.

Naturally, you’ll be compensated in exchange for your time and the effort you invest in responding to emails, scheduling meetings, and performing other administrative tasks.

You can get your first clients by responding to ads on platforms like FreeUp, PeoplePerHour, or Virtual Assistant Jobs. This is a tried and tested business model since people always search for effective virtual assistants.

8. Personal shopping

Are you frequently applauded for your ability to spot the latest fashions? Do you have a person that relatives and friends turn to for advice on clothing? Shopping for yourself can be an opportunity to build a business around your skills.

Personal shoppers search for clothes items clients need more time to shop. Your job involves evaluating your customer’s clothes, looking at websites, and selecting suitable clothes. A variety of merchandise is available at various online stores, so you don’t have to shop offline to start your business.

In addition, you do not need any specific certification or degree to be an individual shopping shopper. Personal shopping could be a great option if your passions are in business-related ideas that require little investment.

9. Car detailing

Contrary to what many believe, it’s possible to turn car detailing into an ongoing business. The profit margin of detailing a car can range between $50 and $400 per vehicle. This means you could earn significant revenue if you can find regular customers.

The secret to success in the business of car detailing is to market. Promoting your services via websites or social media and encouraging regular reviews is essential. You can offer discounts for new clients or packages that allow clients to commit to several sessions.

All you need to start is some cleaning materials and the driveway. Getting certified by the IDA or a construction workshop to sharpen your capabilities is possible.

10. Online tutoring

You can start online tutoring if you’re a pro in math, art or a different subject. The most essential requirement is an undergraduate degree in the field you plan to teach.

Online tutoring is available to clients on sites such as Skooli or Tutor.com. To get the most out of your tutoring, ensure you teach subjects relevant to your knowledge, as you can impart your knowledge and skills to improve your students’ understanding of themselves. You can conduct lectures and communicate with your students via Zoom and make tutoring online one of the most straightforward online businesses to begin.

11. Cards for greetings

Greeting cards are always trendy, and if you’ve got a sense of design or simply like showcasing your art on tangible items, it is among the best business concepts for you.

Before searching for customers, it’s best to have a few designs ready. Tools such as Photoshop and Canva allow you to make custom card designs. You’ll also need to buy the necessary supplies to make greeting cards (ink paper, paper, etc. ).

Pro advice: If you’re looking to reduce costs, look at purchasing your equipment wholesale. Once you have your inventory and are ready to earn income by advertising your business through Facebook, Etsy, and other similar platforms.

12. Content writing

Nearly every business with an online presence requires help with content creation for their product websites, blogs, etc.

Thus it is possible to start an online content writing or copywriting business that could be among your most lucrative business ideas. The most popular website to find those first customers are Remote.co, Problogger, and BloggingPro.

You can join groups for content writers on Facebook to increase exposure for your company. In order to make a positive impression on your clients, consider providing keyword optimization or custom graphics as part of your offerings.

13. Homemade products

If you’re gifted with making soap bars, making beverages, or baking speciality products, then a DIY crafts-related business might be ideal. It’s not only used as a great artistic outlet and can be a great source of income, but it is also able to expand as the word about your company’s existence spreads.

The most profitable homemade products are agricultural products like soaps, cosmetics, and jewellery. Raw materials and ingredients with your work are likely to provide an affordable return on your investment.

Start selling your homemade items at your local farmers market, on a platform similar to Etsy or even with an online storefront like iCraft. You can add a unique twist to your items, for example, themed bath bombs or pop-culture-themed clothing products.

14. WordPress Support for WordPress

Many websites are run on WordPress, and virtually every WordPress website owner needs support somehow. If you’re acquainted with the platform’s nuances, you’ll have plenty of chances to earn cash.

Customers can contact you to correct their CSS or find and fix security flaws, and so on. Although you could use platforms like PeoplePerHour and Upwork to find your first clients, we suggest designing a unique website and listing your offerings. This means you’ll be able to stay clear of excessive commissions and establish high-quality relationships with your customers.

Providing WordPress assistance is among the most influential business strategies to consider in 2023.

15. Career Coaching

With an increase in unemployment and a highly competitive market for jobs, plenty of people need assistance in finding work. If you’re gifted in helping your family and friends find jobs, you can aid others similarly.

Consider starting a career coaching business that helps others determine the most suitable career path for them, how to go about nailing an interview, what characteristics make a great candidate and much more. Finding clients on Facebook groups or platforms such as Coach. It is possible.

The most appealing aspect of this kind of business is that you can earn income by running up to five monthly coaching hours. Furthermore, you can work with multiple clients during a single session. Career coaching might be the perfect solution if you’re looking to find great business concepts that only consume some of your time and time.

16. Email marketing

Are you proficient at creating emails? Can you crack the code to create subjects that people cannot resist? If yes, you could become an entrepreneur and earn money by starting an email marketing company.

Some companies require assistance with their email strategy through platforms such as PeoplePerHour and Upwork and cold outreach. Suppose you can demonstrate your skill of appealing to recipients. In that case, customers will be eager to use your assistance, and they may even be willing to pay the price you provide (significant bonuses if they assist in growing their email list).

Start-up costs can include investing in email marketing tools that will make it easier to automate a variety of tasks.

17. Contract cleaning

Most people need more time or the skills to clean regularly. Being a professional cleaner lets you help people in their homes and businesses by scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, etc.

The initial costs for home cleaning firms are highly affordable. Cleaning materials and supplies cost less than $100, but you can purchase special equipment such as steam vacuums and carpet cleaners. Creating an online or social media account to spread the word on a budget is recommended.

The charges you will charge be contingent on the requirements of your customers. Cleaning services typically charge by the hour, though some may have extra charges associated with specific tasks (organization deep cleaning, etc.). Make use of tools such as Angi Leads to present your company and find out what others are charging. Make sure you register with an LLC and fill out all the necessary documentation.

18. Meals to go

There’s never an end to the number of people struggling to make time to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. This has resulted in an increase in the number of restaurants that offer meals-to-go, which offer all sorts of meals. You can benefit from this trend by launching a business offering meals-to-go in your state, city or neighbourhood.

Contrary to what many believe, spending money on the most significant commercial kitchen is okay. A shared kitchen can be adequate for a restaurant-based business. These kitchens are usually outfitted with all the necessary equipment and can be rented out by month or day. Or by hourly. You can locate shared-use kitchens with licensed commissary kitchens through sites like The Kitchen Door.

19. Services related to landscaping

Do you have a love of landscaping and gardening? Starting a landscaping business could be the perfect opportunity to transform your hobby into a profitable business. The landscaping services can range from mowing lawns to planting flowers and shrubs. It could or might not be a good idea following the weather conditions in your area.

Consider what you could do the best in a garden and then market your business to a target market. Keep a portfolio of your finest work, with vibrant photos that detail the results you have achieved for your customers. If you offer unique services (fertilizing, pest control, etc. ), mention them on your social media channels.

The first place to look is for landscaping customers by going door-to-door around the neighbourhood or hopping onto platforms such as TaskEasy. Websites like HomeAdvisor connect your landscaping company with clients who pay for your local area. You can also become certified by the National Association of Landscape Professionals to increase your standing.

20. Testing of websites

Do you realize that many brands that have a digital presence hire real people to provide feedback to their websites? This feedback allows them to fix problems their developers might need to look into. You can employ a group of people on a contract basis and then create your own company to test websites.

While you work on assignments, your employees be asked a series of questions they have to answer while navigating the company’s website. In the video, they’ll express their initial thoughts about the user experience currently and what they think the website could be improved.

Work can be found on UserTesting, Ferpection, and TryMyUI.

21. SEO

Do you have experience creating backlinks and increasing the visibility of search engines on websites? If so, you have the chance to earn money from your expertise.

Web admins across the globe need help from SEO experts; therefore, starting an online business in the field could be one of the best choices. If you are looking for clients, focus on a specific market, learn from their experience, and then build your portfolio. Highlight your achievements, and you’ll receive a steady stream of customers when your SEO methods are up to par.

You can reach out to all types of companies or companies in specific niches, for instance, in the health, legal or financial sectors. With monthly retainers ranging from $501-$1,000, Selling SEO services is one of the most effective ways to earn money in 2023.

22. App development

App development is among the most profitable small-business strategies, as many businesses require apps. Additionally, the expense of starting this business has dramatically gone down thanks to the advancement of software and developers that are affordable.

Today, you can employ tools such as OmniGraffle and Sketch to design the mockups and wireframes before you decide whether to release the application. Alternatively, you can employ an app developer contractually through AngelList and Upwork.

It is also possible to earn a passive income by creating applications for a broad audience. Naturally, this will require you to develop an approach to monetization that generates recurring income. The most profitable strategies are the ability to charge in-app purchases or premium versions of your application.

23. Stock photography

Suppose you can capture unforgettable candid moments or have recently completed a portrait shoot with a friend. In that case, You can be an official stock photographer by registering as a sole proprietorship in your name.

Companies such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and others are looking for submissions of photos. You can begin by listing images you already have on these sites. After you’ve uploaded your images and waited for them to be downloaded, you can wait for users to download the photos.

Most websites selling stock photography pay you an amount of money for each download you make through their platform. An alternative is to create your own website for photography and sell your images directly to customers, but this is only feasible if you have the money for marketing.

24. Instagram consulting

If you’re a professional who knows the secrets of Instagram engagement, consider making yourself an Instagram consultant. Customers will pay you for writing captivating captions, replying to user comments, writing appealing bios, and much more.

It is possible to monetize your services by charging a specific price per hour or creating a project. This is a great business plan for those who travel digitally since everything is managed via the laptop or mobile.

To be a sought-after Instagram consultant, learn the art of creating unique Instagram ads that convince customers to buy from businesses. It is possible to get your first clients by advertising your company through Upwork and various other social media platforms.

25. Video production

According to statistics on video marketing that 85% of internet people in the US watched a video online on their device. With the number of videos being watched more than ever, there’s an urgent need for those who can create, edit, cut, and publish videos. Starting a production company could be a profitable business plan for you.

The first investment in this industry is the essential lighting set, including wireless microphones, up to two cameras (and lenses), and editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Check out second-hand models for a few of these pieces of equipment to lower the initial costs.

You can provide videos for businesses’ YouTube channels, oversee wedding and graduation videography and much more. There’s no limit to the kinds of projects you can undertake; focusing on a specific area helps you make a mark in a crowded market.

26. Software Education

Do you know people who need the skills to use computer software? If yes, then you can create your own business in education using software and sign up students every month.

Students could include entrepreneurs who want to improve their IT abilities or small business owners seeking to master tools such as Excel or PowerPoint. If you’re a pro, you could lead from the front, teaching all classes.

As your company grows and more customers sign up for your services, hiring consultants from your software to instruct students in their field of knowledge is possible. You can also rent spaces for lectures in the classroom and virtual classes; you should consider hosting them to reduce costs and increase your reach to international markets.

27. College Preparation

Helping high school students gain acceptance into colleges is a huge business. According to IBISWorld, the size of the educational and testing support sector was $17.9 billion in the year that ended, and there’s a ton of profits that can be earned if you establish yourself in the market.

In the beginning, choose the subject area in college preparation you’d like to conduct the business. For example, you could provide ACT tutoring, assist students in improving their practice admission essays, etc. Once you’ve narrowed the focus to a specific area, it’s time to sign up and present the business to the students.

28. Agency for niche staffing

Every industry has open positions, and employers are eager to find the most talented people to run their businesses. Your job as a niche staffing company is to connect employees with employers in your industry of preference.

Determine what tasks you’ll be manning (Junior? Mid-level? C-level?) to determine the most suitable candidates for the job. Also, take note of the terms of employment that your company will provide to prospective applicants.

You can be a temporary, temporary-to-permanent, or long-term staffing agency based on the market’s needs.

29. Digital event planning

One of the most effective small-scale business ideas is opening an online event planning business. This business will design, coordinate and review digital events for different businesses, such as webcasts, online conferences and summits.

You can earn money by charging an hourly rate for your services, selling sponsorships, etc. Suppose you’ve considered organizing a wedding or an exhibition but needed more time to plan something. In that case, you can still facilitate by arranging digital events for individuals and businesses.

30. Health and Wellness Products

The health and wellness industry continues to grow as people become more health-conscious. Launching a business that offers organic products, supplements, or eco-friendly wellness items can tap into this expanding market. Prioritize quality and transparency to build trust with your customers.

31. Eco-Friendly Products

Sustainability and eco-consciousness are increasingly influencing consumer choices. Launch a business that offers eco-friendly alternatives to conventional products, such as biodegradable packaging, reusable household items, or organic beauty products.

32. Pet Services and Products

The pet industry is thriving, with pet owners willing to spend on their furry companions. Start a pet-related business, such as pet grooming, pet sitting, or an online pet store offering specialized products and accessories.


Here’s a list of the top 30 small business ideas that can earn you money by 2023. To ensure you have the best chance to succeed, concentrate on a single idea at one time until you come across an idea that matches your capabilities.

Many entrepreneurs have implemented these business strategies to earn money, So you can be confident that you’re putting your time and energy into something practical and tested. Whether you’re a college student, a stay-at-home mom, or any other person looking to launch an enterprise, keep in mind that there are numerous opportunities to make a significant income.


What are niche products in e-commerce?

Niche products are specialized items that cater to a specific audience, targeting a smaller but more passionate customer base.

How does dropshipping work?

Dropshipping is a business model where you act as an intermediary between suppliers and customers, and the supplier directly ships products to customers upon order placement.

What are digital products?

Digital products are intangible items that can be downloaded or accessed online, such as e-books, online courses, and software.

Are subscription boxes profitable?

Subscription boxes can be profitable due to recurring revenue from subscribers and the opportunity to engage with customers regularly.

How can I promote my mobile app?

You can promote your mobile app through app store optimization, social media marketing, influencer collaborations, and online advertising.

If you’re looking for more business-related ideas, read Shopify’s blog post about the 23 most lucrative business ideas for 2023.

30 Business Ideas to Try In 2023


Print on demand


Flipping websites

Catering from home

Dog Walking

Virtual assistance

Personal shopping

Car detailing

Online tutoring

Cards for greetings

Content writing

Homemade products

WordPress Support for WordPress

Career Coaching

Email marketing

Contract cleaning

Meals to go

Services related to landscaping

Testing of websites


App development

Stock photographer

Virtual dance studio

Instagram consulting

Video production

Software Education

College Preparation

Agency for niche staffing

Digital event planning

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