13 Best Keyboards for Long Nails in 2023

Things to Consider When Choosing A Long Nails Keyboard

Suppose you are looking for keyboards with long nails. In that case, most options include low-profile, chiclet-style keyboards (because the rectangular, flat keys appear like chiclets) with a remote key and more space between keys, reducing the risk of making mistakes. Some keyboards have a low profile with round keys that could help those with long nails keep from hitting corners on adjacent keys. The style you choose depends on the style you prefer and what is most suitable for you.

Other aspects to consider when choosing the right keyboard are the choice of wired or wireless designs and if you’re looking for ergonomic features, such as an adjustable or split keyboard or an ergonomically designed wrist rest. Also, whether you’d like the option of a mouse and keyboard. There’s also the option of selecting the full-sized keyboard, which has over 100 keys, or a space-saving design that does away with the function keys and the number pad. The type you pick will depend on the layout of your desk and your personal style preferences.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Long Nails Keyboard

However, they can hinder your ability to type swiftly and comfortably on keyboards. If you’re a player or someone who constantly needs to use the keyboard, nails that are long are a hassle.

Working on keyboards with longer nails means you can’t use your fingers as the point of contact as fingers can. If you type using your fingernails, you could damage your nails.

If you don’t want to reduce your typing speed, It is recommended to cut your nails or opt for a nail-friendly keyboard. The keyboards are ergonomically designed to provide comfort for long nails.

There are a variety of nail-friendly keyboards that are available. With the proper shape and size of your nails, you’ll be able to write comfortably for long periods. If you have long nails, staying clear of designs that alter your hand’s position is important. It could also lead to breaking the fingernails. This is why you’ll need a keyboard designed to be comfortable.

Nail-friendly keyboards are not only comfortable, but they also help make typing using long nails much more accessible. Long nails make typing difficult, and you must be cautious about putting pressure on your fingers when typing. A quality keyboard will keep your fingers safe from injury and help you avoid accidental injuries.

You can follow this guide if you’re looking for the perfect nail-friendly keyboard. We will look at the most influential keyboards that work with long nails. We will look at the nail-friendly keyboards to ensure you can pick the one that suits your preferences and budget. The devices featured below have been chosen, ensuring the right balance between ergonomic design and comfort, size and comfort in your mind.

1. Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Key Specifications:

  • Connectivity Wireless
  • Keys Number * Number of Keys: 109
  • Type of Switch Scissor
  • Batteries last: About one month

This Apple Magic Keyboard is genuinely magical because it gives supreme typing comfort. The remote switches don’t make it difficult to type with force. You can hit the keycap that you desire.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

The keyboard features an elegant design and is ideal for use while travelling. The scissor mechanism decreases travel, swiftly responding to taps and providing feedback.

There are about 109 keys. The keyboard allows you to calculate accurately. Connecting it to your Mac is easy since it pairs automatically when you successfully connect it.

You can also use it on Windows by connecting your Keyboard via Bluetooth. My wife informed her that it could last approximately a month when it is used with moderate use. However, it decreases to 23-25 days when used for a long time.

The lightning port can charge the keyboard at a decent rate; however, it’s not the same speed as keyboards with Type-C ports. However, I was awed by the backlit and bright enough to be comfortable in dim lighting.

Its Apple Magic Keyboard is versatile and easy to connect to the iMac, MacBook, iPad and many more. Be sure to keep it clean of dust, as I’ve noticed some scratches on my wife’s keyboard resulting from dust.


  • The battery will last for a while.
  • You can connect it wirelessly or using the lightning cable
  • It provides the ultimate comfort for typing
  • Super-bright backlit


  • Gaming is not the best choice.
  • A little fragile

2. The Cooler Master Sk-650 mechanical keyboard Budget Pick

The mechanical Keyboard, SK650 by Cooler Master, is a new product in the Cooler Master range of keyboards for gaming. It has flat keycaps and the brand new Cherry MX Low Profile switches, making it ideal for those with long nails. The design is also striking. a Style that is perfect for your table.

The Cooler Master Sk-650 mechanical keyboard Budget Pick

The Cooler Master model SK650 has Cherry MX Low Profile Red switches with smooth and consistent travel. These switches are housed in upgraded housing, allowing them to feel more comfortable than conventional keycaps. They also have RGB LED illumination, providing users with brighter and more uniform lighting. The aluminium-brushed surface provides the SK650 with a stylish appearance and has an RGB LED strip at the edges of the keyboard.

Overall, the SK650 is a fantastic mechanical keyboard for the home user. Its sleek appearance and slim Cherry MX switches make it an appealing option. It’s also well-constructed with its USB Type C cable. The SK650 is an excellent choice for a desktop computer.

The Cooler Master SK650 has an elegant, minimalist design that performs excellently. Its keyboard is smaller than the typical gaming keyboards. However, it’s extremely easy to operate.


  • Quality and durable build
  • The distance of the actuator is very short.
  • Keypresses that respond
  • RGB lighting can be customized to suit your needs.


  • There is no wrist rest

3. Microsoft’s Ergonomic Keyboard

Its Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is the best choice for a computer keyboard that won’t cost a fortune.

A lot of people around the world have noticed their typing speed increase due to this. It is designed to improve user comfort with an ergonomic approach with ergonomics in the user’s mind.

While it might aid you in becoming a quicker and more accurate typer, it’s not made to compete in gaming.

The manufacturer also included a wrist rest pad that can help relieve the fatigue of hands. With its soft, cushioned design, this pad is one of the best wrists rests for your keyboard. Apart from giving you the ability to relax comfortably, it will aid you in becoming more efficient.


Its style is sleek and modern; it is distinctive from the rest and is impossible to duplicate. The keys of this sturdy keyboard are organized into three distinct rows.

Text in the most comfortable position by using this trio of columns. The dome design allows for different angles to view from.

The ergonomic keyboard is popular because it’s best for people with long nails. It also is frequently used for professional use. It is equipped with a special keyboard with a numeric pad (NUM LOCK), making doing math easy.

The layout of this keyboard is sleek and contemporary, which makes it pleasant to use. The arc design helps protect your nails from breaking and makes typing feel more complete.

Therefore, it is clear that the Microsoft Surface Keyboard is an ideal choice for standard users and those looking to make use of their long nails to type. When you position your fingers naturally, typing becomes more effortless and won’t stress your muscles.


  • Created using the split key
  • A cushioned and comfortable support for the wrists
  • Curves and their involvement
  • Fantastic Locks and Keys
  • Built with the help of ergonomic principles


  • It’s not enough to prevent injuries

4. Arteck Global Bluetooth Keyboard

Finally, we have an incredible stainless steel keyboard made by Arteck that is geared towards giving you the most comfortable keys. Find out the essential characteristics that make up the Arteck Universal Bluetooth Keyboard helps elevate it to the fifth spot on our list of top keyboards for nails with long nails:

  • Ergonomic design – a full-size design provides a better typing experience
  • A great material – the stainless steel provides a strong typing experience.
  • A Long Life Battery – a full charge lasts up to 6 months
  • Broad Compatibility is possible with the four central operating systems.

This keyboard is the perfect fit for long nails. Two things spring to your mind. First, great keystrokes. Number two: slim profile. The comfortable keys are excellent, particularly for nails with long acrylic. It’s also quiet in comparison to other clickety keyboards.

We are also hugely impressed by the slim and attractive design of the keyboard. We were also amazed by how a budget keyboard such as this could provide us with an impressive quality of construction. Also, consider that this keyboard has a long battery life and a wide variety of Compatibility. It’s challenging to overlook the advantages of having this keyboard.


This Arteck Universal Bluetooth Keyboard is one of the top options for acrylic nails. Its size is ideal for long-nailed users, and the top-quality frosted steel is the highest quality. This keyboard is perfect whether you’re trying to type on an iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet.

5. Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Long Nails

Of the countless numbers of keyboards available. Ralon Mechanical Keyboard is one of the top keyboards for people who have long nails. It provides relief while typing.

Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Long Nails

The reason for this is that the keyboard is generally separated to make sure that there is no problem when typing. The user places their finger on a specific key, which isn’t affected by the next.

Its Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is similar to the typical design of a modern-day keyboard. It’s the ideal one for gaming and, in addition, one of the most effective keyboards that can be used to type with long nails. As you can see from the image, its keycap looks like an old typewriter, making it feel so comfortable when working. This Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard makes accessible to medium residents of all sizes with a clear sound click and a fast response. It is also sensible and responsive to touch and easier to operate.

The other unique characteristic of the Ralon Keyboard is that it comes with a staggering number of 13 backlit LED keyboards that can be adjustable. They are also referred to as backlit modes. This means that both the keyboard’s speed and brightness can be altered.

The third characteristic of the Ralon Mechanical Keyboard is unique to a handful of keyboards. It has 104 keys. They are described as an anti-ghosting keyboard or non-conflict. This indicates that multiple keys can be used simultaneously and with the same precision. It comes with great multimedia keys that can also be used.

The fourth option can be described as Ralon panels and keycaps. They’ve got a sturdy panel with keycaps that are detachable. This keyboard can be removed and is constructed of the finest quality metal and a solid plastic body. The keyboard has a gorgeous matte finish built to shield it from damage, such as scratches.

Its keyboard wrist (ABS) can be taken off or taken off. There is also the switch to blue, which can be used to stand up to intense hardcore gaming. A different and interesting aspect is the detachable keycaps that help you type more easily since the switches can be changed in a moment from red or brown or black switches.

The most notable feature of the Ralon Mechanical Keyboard is the Compatibility that it offers. The keyboard is compatible with various computer systems and programs, including Windows 10 / 8 / 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows VISTA and many more.


  • The spacing between the keys allows people who have longer nails the pleasure of typing work easily and quickly.
  • The Led light source that powers the keyboard helps to type in darkness.
  • Keys can be moved effortlessly and without much force when typing.


  • When you type on your keyboard, it produces sounds similar to many typewriters. Although some might appreciate it, some might not.

6. IClever BK06 Foldable Bluetooth Ergonomic Keyboard

_Portable Keyboard, iClever BK06 Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

A portable keyboard can be useful for working in a hurry. This is especially the case when you’re working while on the telephone. It is easier to get more work accomplished using keyboards. Take a look at your iClever Portable Ergonomic Keyboard. Take a look at the main attributes to make the iClever Portable Ergonomic Keyboard one of the top choices:

  • Ergonomic Design – U-shaped keyboard helps to improve alignment
  • Superior Material, frosted surface gives the user a smooth typing experience
  • Compact and lightweight – carry your productivity tools with you
  • Smooth Connectivity – can connect up to three devices simultaneously

The reason this keyboard is great, especially for those with longer nails. A computer equipped with a soft leather case with anti-skid, anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant materials has everything you need to make the ideal typing keyboard designed for nails with long. The keyboard’s frosted finish also provides the most comfortable, smooth typing experience.

When you’re required to write on your smartphone or tablet, you can take in your iClever Portable Keyboard and are ready to go. Don’t be deceived by its size because its 0.75-inch critical width resembles a full-sized keyboard. It offers the best of the two worlds of portability and function.

Silent Typing

The third option is to purchase an electronic keyboard that is as quiet as possible. The reason is that your nails may cause irritating click-clack sounds that could annoy others. We’ve discovered keyboards that assist you in making minimal or no sound when typing using the length of your nails.

Non-Slip Material

Did you catch this scene in the Bambi film where Bambi tried to run through the thin ice? He was sliding across the floor because of the hooves. This is the way typing on a keyboard using long nails can feel. Because most keyboards allow your fingers to rest between the keys, they’re more slippery for your fingernails.

To avoid this problem, Try to purchase a keyboard made of non-slip materials. We’ve selected keyboards less likely to cause your nails to slide. Doing this gives you better accuracy and an improved typing experience. Is it not a good idea for your fingers to get all over the keyboard?

Ergonomic Design

The main consideration in writing with long nails is ergonomics. If all you are thinking about while typing is how to prevent damaging your nail, ensuring your wrists are in the right alignment is an afterthought. It could strain your wrists and result in injury, especially if you work long hours.

To ensure greater security and comfort, you should select a keyboard designed for ergonomics that can allow your hands to feel at peace. In addition, an ergonomic keyboard aid in maintaining the correct posture, but it can assist you in writing more efficiently. It’s because most effective models are made to help you align your fingers naturally.

Affordable Price

The last thing to consider is affordability. It all depends on what you want to utilize your keyboards; choosing an instrument that won’t burden your budget is just as important as purchasing an instrument that won’t damage your nails. We can’t imagine the benefit of investing enormous amounts of money to make it easier to type using long fingernails.


If you’re searching for an affordable and reliable portable keyboard, you’ll find the IClever Portable Ergonomic Keyboard the perfect choice for you. It’s not just an ideal companion to your nails that are long long, but it also is a mighty weapon in terms of performance. With top-quality materials and durable construction, you won’t be able to go wrong with this model.

7. Macally Ultra-Slim USB Keyboard with Wired

Its Macally Ultra-Slim USB Wired Computer Keyboard is ideal for improving your work environment with style and productivity. With a size of just a penny, it’s a sleek and sophisticated accessory to any desk. Its grey-coloured space gives a sophisticated touch to any home or office space.

The keyboard is compatible to it’s compatible with both Mac OSX and Windows PC operating systems, which makes it ideal for those who use either a desktop or laptop computer that has a USB port. It’s a fantastic option for people who own a MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Windows laptop or desktop PC.

Its Macally Ultra-Slim USB Wired Computer Keyboard is equipped with the 20 Apple shortcut keys that make it the perfect wired Mac keyboard. In addition, it comes with multimedia shortcuts to Windows PC, allowing you to control the typing process fully. With its numeric keypad with ten keys, This Keyboard is perfect for those who need to enter numbers frequently.

The keyboard plugs and plays, meaning no drivers are required. It is unnecessary to constantly recharge or replace batteries with this keyboard, providing an uninterrupted and smooth typing experience. It can be connected to your computer using the USB-A port, making it easy to install and use.

Its Macally Ultra-Slim USB Wired Computer Keyboard has been designed with the lowest profile possible, making it a slim and smooth keyboard that’s easy to use. The keys are silent and fluid and make typing effortless. This keyboard is great for people who spend long hours typing, whether for school, work or at home.

Macally is committed to delivering products that are simple to use and efficient. This is why the slim keyboard has a one-year guarantee and lifetime support. The goal is to ensure you are satisfied, making this keyboard a great option for those looking for a highly durable and reliable one.


Its Macally Ultra-Slim USB Wired Computer Keyboard is an excellent choice for a sleek, comfortable, reliable, and user-friendly keyboard. It’s suitable for Mac and Windows users and is perfect for those who spend a lot of time typing. With its slim profile, quiet keyboards and many key shortcut keys, it’s a fantastic accessory to any computer.

8. UBOTI Colorful Wireless Computer Keyboard

Key Specifications:

  • Connectivity Wireless
  • The key Number number of keys: 104
  • Switch Type Green-White Switch
  • Battery Life 1 Month
UBOTI Colorful Wireless Computer Keyboard

The majority of keyboards have square keys, which is where the issue is that the nails crash into the corners, making it difficult to type! However, this isn’t so with the UBOTIE Colorful Computer Wireless Keyboard, which includes round keys.

It is designed to provide the ultimate typing comfort since keyboards are flat and you’ll be able to swiftly place your fingers on them. It has 104 keys total, and the keyboard includes a numpad to aid your typing.

Since it’s wireless, you don’t need to worry about connecting it to the computer Mac and Windows. I spoke to some users about the distance between the keys, and they told me it’s massive. However, it doesn’t cause any problems when you are typing slowly.

If you’re a quick typing person, you might feel overwhelmed typing with this keyboard. The other issue is the absence of a backlight, so working in dark conditions could be difficult.

Additionally, the slim appearance that the keyboard has makes it a great portable device and it is easy to put it in your bag.

Cleaning the keyboard is easy; you can get rid of dust using a brush.


  • Keycaps from typewriters of the past provide excellent feedback
  • The keys are large and simple to press
  • It is easy to connect and compatible with every operating system
  • It’s sleek and compact, which means you can carry it around with you


  • It doesn’t have an LED backlight.
  • It is not compatible with laptops without USB Type-A ports


If you’re in a tight spot and require a keyboard suitable for simple typing, you can choose UBOTIE Wireless Keyboard. The keycaps are huge and allow you to hit the button you’d like precisely. Additionally, it comes with several shortcut keys as well as Numpad.

9. CORSAIR K57 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR K57 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Key Specifications:

  • Connectivity: Wired and wireless
  • Keys Number of Keys: 110
  • Switch Type: Blue and Red. Blue Switch
  • The Battery’s Lifetime: is 35 hours

Gaming is now simpler, and you don’t need to cut your nails when you own the CORSAIR’s K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard. It’s not as stylish as Apple Magic, but it is still a great keyboard. Apple Magic, but the well-spaced keys offer ample space to press the keys precisely.

The larger palm rest allows you to place your hands comfortably. You can press the keys without pounding your nails against the keys. Specially designed for gaming, the keyboard comes with six macro keys, which can be programmed according to the type of game.

The brightness is stunning and helps to make keys visible during the night. It is possible to adjust the backlight quickly and adjust it to suit your mood.

In addition, several shortcut buttons can be used to manage the multimedia system’s settings, making it easy for people with long nails. The keyboard also offers both wired and wireless Connectivity. But, it is recommended to keep it close to your computer, or else you might be experiencing delays.

When you press your keys, you’ll notice the travel slightly higher; however, it’s not causing discomfort. The battery’s lifespan was not particularly impressive because it’s rated for just 35 hours. But you can connect the cable to an electrical connection.

One issue some users complained about is the sound of clicking. It’s not a quiet keyboard, but you can press the keys with much force when gaming. The keyboard also has an integrated kickstand, giving you a clear perspective of the keys to writing precisely.


  • It comes with a large palm rest to provide greater ease of use.
  • Keycaps provide a solid grip, which means your fingers aren’t slipping
  • The dedicated multimedia keys make life simpler
  • It’s a perfectly-illuminated keyboard


  • Restoring the profiles that have been programmed is difficult
  • Low battery life


CORSAIR K57 is the best option if you are a gamer and don’t wish to trim your nails. Because it’s a large keyboard, you can utilize it for other functions, making it versatile.

10. SurnQiee Big Font LED Keyboard with Backlight

Key Specifications:

  • Connectivity Wired
  • Number of Keys Number of Keys
  • Switch Type Switch Type: Siledome Membrane Switch
  • Cord Length: 4.9 Feet

Now you can comfortably type throughout the day and at night with the SurnQiee Large Type Print USB Keyboard that is LED-backlit. The most appealing feature of this type of keyboard is its solid backlight that shines on each key so that you can precisely tap it.

The keys are as large as Chiclet, so you can comfortably type. Additionally, it’s an all-in-one keyboard ideal for various tasks like typing and data entry.

The Fn keys on top allow you to access shortcuts while on the move, making it easy for those with long nails. Additionally, an incredibly small palm rest gives you a better typing position.

You don’t have to worry about the battery because an electrical connection powers the keyboard, and you can quickly connect it to any device. The cable is about 4.9 feet long. But, it’s not braided so that you can protect it from cracks.

According to users’ feedback, it has an inbuilt kickstand, which you can use for a more comfortable and comfortable typing position. Furthermore, the silicone switches’ dome is quieter, and your fingers aren’t slipping away from the keyboard’s keycaps.

In the end, SurnQiee has tested the switches 5 million times so that you can be confident about their endurance.


  • It comes with a built-in backlight with three levels of adjustable
  • Large font size 4X to ensure precision typing
  • Dedicated hot leys for quick access
  • No software installation required


  • The cable could easily crack.
  • Gaming is not the best choice


Choose the SurnQiee Large font, print the USB-powered LED backlit keyboard and enjoy typing with the ease of working in the darkness in your house. The built-in kickstand enhances comfort and gives you a complete view of all keys. Additionally, the dome-shaped silicone switches enhance the grip and aid in precise typing.

11. Logitech ERGO K860 Best Keyboard for Long Nails

Logitech ERGO K860 Best Keyboard for Long Nails

The Logitech ERGO K860 wireless Ergonomic Keyboard was designed to provide maximal comfort and productivity. Its split layout keyboard, as well as its sloping layout and curved, padded wrist rest, can help improve your posture while typing and ease muscle strain on your wrists and forearms.

The keyboard has perfectly shaped stroke keys that fit the contour of your fingers and allow users to write confidently and accurately. The keys with a scoop are made to provide comfort, fluidity and precision, making this wireless keyboard a joy to use. Additionally, the ERGO K860 offers an adjustable palm lift with ergonomically-designed tilt legs of 0, -4, and -7 degrees, so you can keep your wrists in total comfort and a natural typing posture whether seated or standing.

The ERGO K860 has been approved by an ergonomist and certified United States Ergonomics to improve posture and decrease muscle strain. Its radio range is 10 meters (33 feet) and connected using Bluetooth or a USB receiver. It is compatible with Mac as well as Windows operating systems.

This keyboard is also ecologically sustainable. Its parts are manufactured from certified 71% recycled plastic used in post-consumer recycling. It also uses FSC-certified papers for sustainable packaging.

This keyboard runs Logitech Options software, which lets you customize Fn keys, design shortcuts, and get battery-life alerts. It also comes with an entire-size layout, a CAPS LOCK indicator and silent keys.

Overall, this Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard is an excellent option for those looking to improve their typing position and decrease muscle strain. With its split layout of the keyboard, its sloping design, and the curved, cushioned wrist rest, the keyboard provides maximum comfort and efficiency. It’s an eco-friendly alternative with Logitech Options software for customization and battery-life-related notifications.

12. NACODEX 85 Key Cute Bluetooth Keyboard

Its NACODEX 85 Key Cute Bluetooth Keyboard is a fashionable and convenient wireless keyboard that appeals to those who enjoy an adorable and vibrant aesthetic. With its unique cat ear design and round keys that feature adorable cat footprints, This Keyboard is guaranteed to bring you a smile each moment you utilize it. The bright purple hue is attractive and contributes to the overall beauty of the keyboard.

The keyboard is slim and light, making it simple to carry when travelling. It weighs only 450g/16oz and can be carried into your bag to travel, business or even school. The layout is easy to use and simple to use. It is possible to enter Bluetooth mode without pressing any keys, and the keyboards are easily set up to make typing comfortable.

Its NACODEX 84 Key Cute Bluetooth Keyboard uses noise reduction technology to reduce the sound of a key click. It provides a peaceful, comfortable and relaxing typing making it possible to use in public places without disturbing other people. In addition, the keyboard has clever power-saving technology that instantly puts the keyboard to sleep when there isn’t any key operation longer than 10 mins. This allows you to conserve power and extend battery longevity. One charge lasts up to a week (8 hours daily, uninterrupted).

This Bluetooth keyboard provides up to 10m of fast, smooth, uninterrupted connection. Suppose it can be connected to up to three devices. It’s fully suitable for Android, Windows, and IOS smartphones, iPads, tablets, smart TVs, laptops or computers. The 12 key combinations for multimedia let you quickly access your computer. Additionally, the over 10 million key clicks will give users more performance.

NACODEX offers 24 hours of excellent service. And if you have any concerns, the team at NACODEX is there to help you resolve the issue. Whether you’re a student professional or seeking an adorable and fashionable keyboard, this NACODEX, the 84-Key Cute Bluetooth Keyboard, is the ideal option. It’s also an ideal present for friends and family who appreciate fun and colourful gadgets.


  • Fantastic power-saving mode.
  • Ultra-thin silent


  • It requires AAA batteries to operate The Keyboard isn’t supplied with batteries together with the keyboard.

13. HAVIT RGB Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard the Best Overall

Havit Gaming Keyboard Havit Gaming Keyboard comes as the ideal keyboard for long nails, and its design for mechanical keys is sleek and minimalist. It’s easy to use due to its effortless, fractional keys. It also features gorgeous fonts as well as RGB lighting.

HAVIT RGB Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard the Best Overall

Although the backlighting isn’t as bright as some gaming keyboards, this is an excellent gaming keyboard. The keys are huge and simple to use, particularly when you have long nails. This keyboard’s design is ergonomic. The keyboard makes it comfortable to use.

This keyboard is durable and comes with amazing features. This mechanical keyboard features an ergonomic design that provides greater comfort. It also comes with an impressive quantity of RGB lighting. Overall this mechanical keyboard for gaming is a great option. If you’re searching for an excellent gaming keyboard, we suggest the Havit. It won’t disappoint you. It’s priced right, and you’ll discover it is worth it.

This gaming keyboard with a mechanical design features an ergonomic keyboard that is full-size and has an array of macro buttons and a wrist rest. The switches are silent, and the backlighting doesn’t significantly impact. The most accurate results using this keyboard.

It’s an ultra-thin standard keyboard that has numeric keys. The keyboard is slim and lightweight and comes with the most recent Kailh Blue Switch feature. The low-profile switches make it ideal for those with long nails. The large footprint, the flexibility to program, and the stunning style make it an ideal alternative.

The HAVIT RGB gaming keyboard plugs and plays. It requires no drivers. The low-profile keyboard can be removed and does not require extra space. The driver software is simple to install and operates with an easy interface. Additionally, the LEDs on the side of the keys are sufficient to be visible even in dim light. It is possible to alter the lighting and colour of the keys by using Driver software.


  • Ultra-thin and lightweight keyboard
  • Custom-designed backlit RGB lights
  • Driver-free, easy to connect with a keyboard
  • Switches that are low profile


  • Sound is made when clicking


Is it possible to use a keyboard to type with long nails?

Yes, using a keyboard to type using long nails is possible. However, it will require adjustments in how you type and use your fingers rather than nails.

How do you type using fake nails?

Typing with fake nails isn’t easy However; it is possible to do so by using the pad on fingers instead of nails and changing the way you type using a keyboard with an easy finger.

Can Long nails make writing difficult?

Yes, long nails can make typing more difficult as they may hinder your typing and simultaneously hit multiple keys. Adjustments to your typing technique and using your fingertips instead of nails could aid.

Why am I typing more slowly with long nails?

The slower typing speed with long nails is most likely because nails can hit many keys simultaneously, requiring an even more precise typing method. Furthermore, the nails could be obstructed by the nails.

What nail shape is best to type?

A squoval (square-oval) nail is usually considered the most convenient to type with as it offers a greater surface area to type on while reducing the risk of accidentally hitting keys.

Do nail lengths impact typing speed?

Yes, nail length may impact typing speed since longer nails could block the keyboard and strike multiple keys simultaneously, which requires precision in typing and slows typing speed.

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